Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Tuesday, September 5th, And6...

i am well advised by AYN and others that Vince [my buddy] is recuperating just South of these environs. ALL the more reason to send him a card or a letter as He finds his feet. {It could be the largest snail=mail/inter=web consolation ever endeavoured...here's hoping} WE love you, Vince~hang in there!

The windows are all in @ the hovel and the Widow Mary has a black beetle scampering about her place. The acorns are falling furiously upon my parapet and all the chi'dren are gwan back to schkool. Amembre those three (3) hot days a month ago? That^was summer. In the Walley. Now's the time, here & elsewhere, to meandre down to the County Seat...register to VOTE & carry through. It's gonna be a very, very interesting electoral season. Veritas

The werld is my oyster and i am going to a clam=bake. OR so i am lead to believe. I'll miss the crocodile hunter on his transit...as well as these othres who have lately passes out of my faer ken: BRUNO KIRBY, MIKE DOUGLAS, the man who invented the neutrino beam, MAYNARD FERGUSON...these^and many othre unrenowned angels of bright conflict are Attending our scant actions to some good End. Plus+, my beloved Aunt Rose=Mary has her newly birfed KALEB to dote upon! New miracles constantly occur.

fisher 2 gonne see ya next [Day]!

Traveller 3 thereyago

fisher 3 /spurious SMILEY/

Traveller 4 unless i see you first

fisher 4 hahaha

Traveller 4 ta-ha

fisher 4 what time do we expect to see you?

fisher 4 ?

Traveller 4 no ideer

fisher 5 you working?

Traveller 5 all depends

fisher 5 on?

Traveller 5 when ride comes^^duh

fisher 6 /spurious SMILEY/

Traveller 7 and schleep close to the tide...

fisher 8 yup

Traveller 8 until such a time

fisher 9 k

Traveller 9 thanx & ta

^IMP edited 4 brevity...the Fisher is slightly

averse 2 large parties But the Traveller goes

where=ever he is wanted. ~recipient~^


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deabvt said...

Thanks, slac. I`m finally up and running again!!


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