Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Tuesday, October 17th, And6...when the engineer breaks something, he asks,"Who werkt this up to the point of catastrofic failure?" So it was Today when i traded my red umbrella for a black umbrella. The red one had reached the Point of Catastrophe...And~schpeaking of inclemency, where has my old weathre=girl gone to? I like the brown eyed blonde who has taken over, but i miss the young woman who saw me thru all the changes. I hope she hasn't left the Walley for good & all...[spurious ellipses!] i was watching boston legal last night [it sometimes happens] and i was amazed to see no less than four (4) STAR TREK actors on the program! Granted, TREK has been a long=lived franchise & the odds were in their favour that they would eventually be on the same show--but four at once. I'm surprised DAVID KELLEY didn't werk a space=joke into the script. Happenstance?

Other=wise & else--things are Good, what with the beard growing in scraggedly again And my latest home=made chicken soop almost gone. Keep those cards and lettres coming & don't mess with my habeus corpus... lata


louf48 said...

More wisdom.....A calendar's days are numbered!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Aaron spotted those 4 characters as well....and we were waiting for the joke too.  Maybe it was more subtle and "inside".  Not everyone would recognize Quark and Odo verbally sparring just like old times!


slacbacmac said...

babaloo>>and a colander would be useless without Holes
Flowre=Sun>i also sense a Trend; Seven of Nine was on last year.
Perhaps Mister Kelley is werking toward a full=blown Convention!


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