Saturday, May 13, 2006


~diemus matriarchus MMVI~

If you're a Mother, and almost 50%

of you are...Amembre that you are

adored unto even the seventh (7th)

Generation. Which reminds me:

i'll haf to make Time in my busy Day

to brush off the mown grass from

Hane's rosy=stoned brow. It's been

awhile & She was always asking me

to tell her where i was headed. It

comforts me to know that all my

girls & all my Sisters ask that same

self thing of their little ones!

OH! And don't forget 2 VOTE this

Tuesday; even little old ladies with

walkers & oxygen tanks do that^

much for this DEMOCRACY.



deabvt said...

Slac these are wonderful pics, full of happiness!

slacbacmac said...

Thanks 4 hanging V> & You're welcome
[reverse appreciata] ~Author~


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