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Thursday, December 21st, And6 C.E.>

Herod the Great was none so good; in fact, he was quite the treacherous Villain.  Herod the Lesser was nix besser, that Herod the Small was no good at all. Ya don't hear of many chi'dren nowadays named Herod.  Such is the price of despotic Infamy.

Joseph was descended of a King, but was himself a simple carpenter. Yet--Joseph was an established man who fell in love with Mary, a maiden Immaculately conceived...that is, the very young Mary was blesst by G to be as incorruptible as Eve before she partook of the forbidden fruit. These^ are well=establisht Mysteries. The names of these two Nazareans have travelled well thru the history of the werld. Thank goodness.

It was not an especially good Year in Judea, under the Roman occupation...but there were Angels of G And the Spirit of G on High moving throughout the land. One angel told Mary to submit to the Spirit; another advised Joseph not to set the perfect maiden aside.  And, as fate, history and the census of a certain Cæsar would have it, the betrothed & expectant couple found themselves Rooming togethre in an out=building reserved for beasts of burden on the outskirts of Joseph's home=town.  (It could have been a haus of his own relatifs, but there was no place to keep all the persons who had come to Register with the Empire.)  More=over, and most Surprising--the entire story of events came to fulfill everything wrote from Genesis thru the Prophets. Amazing!

We recount this^ epic to children because YESHUA was a child. We put a star on the tree 'cos there was a star in the sky. We give a gift to those we love AND even to those we do not know Acause we have received a great gift from the Giver of all gifts. We light candles and lights because this one Light comes to us, altho we are sometimes schtill in darkness and misery. And~whosoever we are & whatsoever we Believe, it's a story of enduring Love.

Happy holy=day 2 all below


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