Monday, August 28, 2006


Never mind~i have anothre schtove on which to make my chicken soop.


And he walks for the sake of walking. i made a point of visiting CAT at her new location. [Yes, anothre move.] Her schtove & her fridge are setting on the Porch of her home=row. And she has plenty more boxes than i ever got rid of! 'Cos it was Sun=Day, and nought sunny @ all, i decided to pull an uncular inspexion of the premises. Mostly, i wanted to be sure that all the animals made the transition well & fully...three geckos, the cats, two full=growed chi'dren And her=self. Best of best, they did move well & now, they are permanent campers like me. These are the condixions which prevail & i am glad to have them in a place where i can observe them from my ramparts. Henceforward, i shall act as a prince to them as surely as my land=lord is a royal personage to me. It's a fair thing that  they were my first Visiteurs, and i was theirs. Perfect progress...

August 27th^---slac don't post sunday.

28 August, 2006...the pointcare conjecture is solved. But if that Russian gentleman really  doesn't want the money, i'll take it. And buy actual doughnuts instead of theoretical ones. [It's a topology joke.] And i am so glad the pluto question has been settled...toward the minimus. Eight (8) planets are enuf for us to worry about in one solar system. But i'll always have a spexial place in my heart for Xena [the Princess, not the ice=ball.] That^ is an astronomy joke. Science! Math! Reclusif geniuses. TATCWP       ~the-naturalistic-slac~


louf48 said...

If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?

slacbacmac said...

Nice Rhetoric, babaloo>
Yet, those who Try are always proceeding 2 succeed;
those who Succeed continually, are Not aware of it!


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