Thursday, November 23, 2006


Giving=the=Thanx, 2000 and Six...PROLOGUE: Maizy is on the Cape with WYATT and his progenitors.  {there is anothre impending grand=child} Blessings!  Kay is coming state=side & gall=less unto my Ramparts with residual furniture, most notably a Pooter=Desk so i no longer have to write entries on my Austere haunches... The Left-Coasters are probably chowing down on hummus.  The Engineer is schtill on assignment in Mississipi but he will be dining with friends in GEORGIA. G bless us all!  [the hovel has forty=one new Windows & a Price to match] 

CAT's dad is tolerating his physical Therapy well @ the nursery which MACK schtayed at so long ago...WE will cook a Turkey for the entire CAT=CLAN as methods Improve.  {The year of changes is Yet proceeding, Apace^} 

TITLE: Make a Good Wish...

MOOD: gratefully humble & humbly grateful

MUSIK: the schwisch of the Dish=Warsher?

WIDEO: catching up with EUREKA, perhaps

THOT: "black friday? You won't catch me camping out in the cool=wind @ the mall for a Video*console; there is more Good in life than to die for technology!"

TEXT: it is possible that this is the petit ThanksGiving as there is, in some Years, a petit Xmas. And that's a good thing. It is in no=place written that Gigantic feasts are preferable to simple gatherings. Last year, i cookt a chicken with all the fixings & had just as much wonderful soop to hold me over.  [the PILGRIMS probly dined on wild duck.] And~as i have learned in my many confluences, it's not so much the COOKING as the Company! WE are also blesst of that. (FLO, KAT, VINCE and myriad Othres^^) So, have your=self a simple and grateful Holiday Season all=to; it is pleasing to Our great benefactor. OH! And don't shop too hard, either. It's only money, and...things. 

Happy Holidays~that*bird=saving*slac~


louf48 said...

I keep wishing you "Happy Birthday" and it keeps disappearing from here????

karynetaylor said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving & Birthday.

from an OLD friend.

slacbacmac said...

Agreement>> There is no Belatedness of Birfing when one
usually gets a GOBBLER for a present; i am not Proud but i
am a scurrilous SCORPIO.  ~Author~


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