Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Title: The Gorgeous Day, all=to

*[Deep Re=Posit...May, And6]>

Humility is my strong suit and i

Love to brag about it.

Eloquence, in me, is secondary and

accidental. OR maybe it's a gift.

Altho' this Glow has brot out some

of my simpler talents...

{Nature of the Beast?}

Regardless, i encourage all my gal

pals to dry they eyes & pull up they

schtockings~~there is so much

Glowing to do in this Merry Merry

month. Ask any=body.


Speaking of which, i was the grand

progeny yesterday, cooking scrambled

Eggs with ketchup for my Mater

familiaris in the morning And helping

Hane with such matters which struck

her mind during the day. WE had a

fair number of well=wish calls from all

our blood-relatives. But Hane was not

exactly receiving at her best. [She was

sleepy & slightly 'under the Weathre']

AS take=carer, i gave equal points to

all the Visitories. Cat & the kids did

especially drop by with chocolates...

Yet the grand=mere was mostly unconscious

and sucking up the Oxygen. {I trust she

is saving her Energies for the upcoming

Wedding} never mind~~we are so much

ahead of our Plans, that we are nearly

Collectively standing behind ourselves.

OR something like that^


Meanwhile, my Monday @ werk was

gorgeous and fruitful even if i say so

myself. Bright sun, fair winds & the

filling of five roll=offs eventual...

And there is no more greater Purveyor

of yard=waste than Captain Wide, when

he eschews Humility on the cause of

its Becoming.


...It is now the Tuesday and as usual

it is with the much running around.

Oxygen! Bread! Gasoline!

The widow Mary's lawn to cut!

Incomplete exclamatory sentences!

Any=way, the weather is now

summerlike. 'Bout time. I'll be cool

if i keep remembering to slather on

the sunscreen. More on the 'morro

perhaps~~slac & humble too

[end of Re=Posit^ Read=the=Deep]


/previously un=publisht material:/

Final reposit of Same^ [5/8/6 or Nearly:]


Monday, January 03, 2005

0915: arise...moka, bagle

1015: shower, RM calls,"come quick."

11ish: nurses trying 2 insert pick=line

Doctor T discusses resuscitation.

RM helps me to make an

informed decision regarding a central

line, paddles or open heart massage.

Meanwhile, the pick=line doesn't take.

Nurse JM makes MOM

comfortable. WE watch EWTN,

Columbo...Bim is there as well.

1530: Green=ghost 2 [store] 4 coffee, grits

Home briefly. Walk back 2 Hospital

1740: Cat, Bim & i eat @ [diner]

Cat drops us at Hospital; MOM rests

Walk home about 1945.

Wash dishes, put out garbage.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

May 08, 2006...just when i need a

RUKEYSER or a GALBRAITH or even the

widow FARNSWORTH, they depart me on

their own terms. Well, there must be a

need in the Beyond for economists,

tele=visories & even golf Patriarchs...

It's not a plan i get 2 call into question!




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deabvt said...

Humility is my strong suit and i

Love to brag about it.

Aww, I love the repost....& I always have ketchup on my eggs!


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