Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I haf to warsh some darks now...but Flower=Sun

and i are collectively on Top of the next best

confluence for the Ages. With Floralilia, of gourse.

It's gwana be sumptin...gwarunteeed. ~slac~

Tuesday, 15th of August, 2006...i haf the Proof of a Live birth of a certain seester of mine...borned in coal country, she was. Afore my own Time.

TITLE: Gas the Reliant! Throw off the ballast!EMOTIONS: quiet Gratitude mixt with mild confusion

NOISES: weed=whackers, tree=frogs, athletes And the occasional borroed folk=music

VIDEO: i watched something yesterday...hmmm.

TIME TUNNEL was on Sunday~i watched that

THOT: "Just because i change slightly for the better, doesn't mean You have to schpin so fast." TEXT: How else would you know that it's Text? [use/mention^] The cats are more themselves than when i last left them. Being cats, i suppose they don't care very much WHO looks after them. Hane & Mac were both like that in later life---Own to their own, yet tacitly appreciatif of familial attentions. DAD was the compulsif dialer; he loved to call people and find out every manner of News. MOM was the gracious invalid; she would rather laugh in presented company than lay out her litany of complaints. Good kids, good cats~i hope they haunt the hovel for a fair Spell. They come to me yet in dremes. Avatars!

Wednesday, August 16th...the cat-sitting, she is done. But the reminiscing carries forward. Internally. MACROECONOMICS:

(1) buy low, sell high

(2) never touch principal, live off interest

(3) sell all shares before announcing a ground offensif

(4) rarely, if ever, be an Executor

As for my recent experience in real estate & as a furtif addendum: it's Never a Buyers' market NOR a Sellers' market; it's Always an investors' market!

MAIZY 830 hi!

slac 830 hey maisy

MAIZY 830 How are you doing?

slac 830 great & you?

MAIZY 831 Coming to the Beach Bash? I'm good.

MAIZY 831 We talked to Engineer tonight. He sounds good.

slac 831 type the much?

slac 832 edge=wise?

MAIZY 832 He says, though, that the people in the restaurants

move very slowly.

MAIZY 832 huh??

slac 833 i kid

MAIZY 833 okay

slac 833 Engineer is good & all the rest of us

MAIZY 834 Are you coming to Beach Bash?

I thought that you were getting a windbreaker.

slac 834 more than probable

slac 835 i'll come by boat

MAIZY 835 Good!!!!! We are going to have a blast.

Have you seen Cat lately?

slac 835 natch--just monday

MAIZY 836 Good!! Okay I need to sign-off and do Real Estate.

I have 3 possible sales in the works! xxxx0000

slac 837 cool---do that & call me lata, i Love you

MAIZY 838 I love you, too. But I can't call tonight.

How's tomorrow night? I need to be on phone with clients tonight.

slac 838 amorro fine

slac 839 i'm easy

MAIZY 839 Yes, good night. xxxoooo

slac 839 ta babe

^IMP edited for nomenclature~Author/Recipient^

{live out of your car; there's no point in Owning more} NB: the filosofy is equally furtif...hmmm. ---it's a turvy=topsy werld, this one---slac


sunflowerkat321 said...

Very much looking forward to the upcoming confluence.

See ya' at HamFam

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata & the same>
We'll have a grand time of it!


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