Tuesday, August 1, 2006


Monday, July 31, 2006...

TITLE: up=the=catching

MOOD: circumspect

NOISE: tree=frogs, lovin' the Heat

So, i'm walking past the old Hovel ['cos sometimes i let

the bus=driver person leaf me off there] and what do i

see? The rehabilitateur has rippt out my forsythia!

(alright-it was only 20% mine & kinda messy...)

Never mind~i haf left Him more than enuf werk both

inside & out to madden even the most resolute contractor within the Remaining year. G Bless him for taking it off my scant hands. Onward & Outward...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006...regardless of that^ and who askt me, i am Attending to matters both great & small in my best natural manner. 'Twas it not Ever Thus? Less=the=never, i am behind myself of the InterWeb things. [my Excuse is that the ding=dang dell was packt away for nearly two weeks!] So~to all my line=on friends: CHIDE me from afar! I deserve as much as that in this, The Year of Changes. OR werds to that effect. Visit & Comment freely, it's an Open Page schtill, if slightly delimited by the beast. ~chekyasoon~slac

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