Monday, June 12, 2006


Title: Assignations

[reposit of 6/8/And4:]

Mood: scholarly, right


Music: vinyl records,

cassettes & ATRAC 8 tracks

or just television theme

music running through my



These are the conditions

which prevail. There are

so many good and werthy

Assignments out there and

i am the lazy student.

But, i am not Concerned!

MY Glow is about me and

the life i lead~~Not how

well & how fast i respond to

various intellectual challenges.

{Alright, it's partly about that}

Irregardless of my short

comings in the testing field,

I hope to edify my fan=base

with the Following>>

Five [5] Things i know

about myself:


1) I am political. I have

seen Richard [candidate]

Nixon & Ronald [President]

Reagan speak live. I have

shaken hands with Jimmy

[candidate] Carter AND Joan

Mondale who,'liked my music.'


2) I am a musician. I have

seen the RAMONES perform.

[all of them^] I played piano

for a sound=check at a George

Jones concert. I was once asked

to be the driver for the POINTER

SISTERS [Bonnie, Ruth, June &

Anita]. My music has been

played on the radio in Norway.

And Schnecksville.


3) I am an Artist. I was

witness to the restoration of


I attended a Marc Chagall

retospective while Chagall

was still alive. I have met a

descendant of Val Bertoia.

Some of my pictures/paintings

have been reprinted on the

Werld Wide Web.


4) I am a writer. I have

been published as a poet in

(a)my high school lit mag

(b)my college lit magazine

(c)my local news=paper

(d)as a journalist in a short

run arts magazine. IF i keep

getting publisht, i will have

to become a Novelist.


5) I am a filosofer~~

OH! Wait! It cannot be

proved in this venue^

{filosofers have trouble

counting greater than four}

Holy Crud!?! The fifth

premise is an open question.

I hate when that happens!

Carpe Diem, quam minimus

credula prospero. [Cicero]

[end^ of reposit]


It is the Year of the wind...

G blows his breath on Everything.

And things naturally Change.

Last year was the Year of departing.

This year is the Year of changes &

breezy movement. The birds know

this for sure, acause their Wings

are presently fully formed. The

wind is a whispre to those who can

hear it, and a buffet/buffer to them

whose Faces are annoyed by minor

Dust and whirlish happenstance.

Yet~it is only the Perfect change in

weathre which comes to all when

their time has Arrived. I have seen

white=caps on the ocean & heard

trees fall down from such forces of

nature...but i never Fear the wind

which brings Rain & Snow & Change.

She is my good companion, even

when i walk against her.



sunflowerkat321 said...

Our lives run parallel.

Last year WAS the year of departing....

this year the year of change.

You seem to be handling it better than I.  Maybe because, I am NOT a filosopher...just a fotografer.

slacbacmac said...

Thanx Babe!> We run so parallel, yet rarely see each othre these
Days! Camera or no camera, the life of Change is busy & b'ful...
Twas Ever Thus! ~Author~ [drop by the slack=shack, we'll catch the up]

floralilia said...

breezy bf slac - always a breath of fresh air...

slacbacmac said...

*Smooch!>* Could be time for anothre Confluence @ one of
the many Diners i know! I'd be even more Breezy if i could catch
my=self in the Time Machine. ~Author~

deabvt said...

.........My music has been

played on the radio in Norway.

And Schnecksville.

At the Philly Folk Festival?

slacbacmac said...

...i have been invited many times 2 see the PFF, yet never
quite made it. Hmmm> Alas, i am more a Recordist than a
Performer; check with my girls who have my CDs & yes,
i'll send you one when i have more Time  ~Author~


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