Friday, July 21, 2006


Friday, 21 July, 2006...i believe they put a Man

on the Moon...maybe even more than one.

Sports Predictions Summer And Six:

A French girl will win WIMBLEDON.

Italy will go all the way in Soccer. The Answer

[Allen Iverson] will hold out for better offers

from any=where in NORTH AMERICA.

Barbaro [the Horse] will have iffy days.

And othre things...

Local News: A Filadelfia purveyor of hot

sandwiches insisted that his customers use

the King's/Queen's English when visiting his

establishment, causing the Following ancillary

political actions: A slew of English=Only laws,

a revisit by the US SENATE of an amendment

to curtail immolations of Old Glory AND the

proposal by a PENNSY Mayor to check the

immigration status of every resident of his

City. [Takes your mind off the War and other

pressing matters, don't it?] And all i wanted

was a "grinder" widout schpray=on=cheese.

The Bug Report: good year for schtinging

insects & junebugs...i was even bitten by a

biting fly just the other day & i don't live any

where near the Beach! Also, many big moths.

The Bird Report: more and more egrets and

sea=gulls are flying inland; i don't know the

reason for this, but i suspect it has something

to do with food & floods.

I would make werds on the global news but

it's just such a Fleegle mess, i wouldn't know

where to schtart. So~i'll just send out my usual

cautionary message to the troublemakers:

HEY! Cut the Crud!


That'll catch=me=up for the Time being^

Appreciata for hangin' in the flux...



floralilia said...

your new digs are glorious...and wonderful,
wonderful and glorious.


pudding anyone?

slacbacmac said...

Wait, my love...i have not yet Publisht a picture=real
of the Appointment>> only my cherch & the old manse...
Never Mind~i smooch and i'll have Chocolate, smooooth

deabvt said...

Yikes, slac! No "grinders" in Philly!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata V> i was being jocular...there are no 'grinders' South of the
Poconoes! Now--ask me about 'milk=shakes' & 'tonic'.  ~Author~


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