Tuesday, October 24, 2006

rutting & cunning

Tuesday, October 24th, and6...

What a wonderful month to be a romanist! [perhaps i left the bosom of the cathedral too soon.]  BENEDICT has made a couple bold moves of his own, from a turn that prohibits limbo to Allowing the Mass to be said ex vernacular, ad Latinum.  And, four (4) new saints for good measure.  MADONDA, meanwhile, has adopted an African orfan & that's a Xian thing to do. {i cannot judge her actions on account of i'm an orfan and She hasn't met me yet.} Even the Senate of the United States is favouring the cherch in strange ways. The priest who knew MARK FOLEY has come forth to correct the record: it was only nude scwhimming & naked massages. Not quite enuf to turn an acolyte into a salacious IMPer, for sure. [IMPs are instant message posts...] BOB CASEY and RICK SANTORUM are trying to out=pro=life each othre---"I love the fetus more than you." "DO Not!" "Do Tooo!"  (i kid^, i editorialise^, i take Liberty)  [NB: limbo was never a tenet of the cherch]  Too many hypothetical parentheticals^^

Your long=awaited beis=ball schports Prediction: a team from the MIDWEST will win the werld series in six (6) OR seven (7) games; it'll NOT be a schweep acause of all the advertising revenues to be had.  Amembre~You RED it here first...

~Cardinal Tigre=slac~

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sunflowerkat321 said...

Politics in PA is certainly something to be proud of....isn't it?

<i kid>



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