Monday, May 1, 2006


Furniture of the Disappeared...

Here's a bed=frame & a double bureau

and a cedar hope=chest, a blond bar &

book=case---moving as they did from

2035 and 229 to their honoured Places in

the Hovel which Hane & Mack left behind

for me to resolve and dissolve. The good

people of Good Shepherd gathered up

Them^ to their next Adventures in Thrift

Shop land...i pray their perfect service to

persons i have not met but who are probly

very much like me---scraping together a

Fair life in a harsh werld as Events un=fold.

BLESSINGS on mere objex which console

by having only Drawers & Shelves & hidden

memories! They also live by travelling well

from haus to haus with Usefulness. Truly.

As for the Books which have a had a much

longer life of Adventure, passing from old

hands to young hands, from boxes made of

wood to boxes made of card=board...My

antiquarian told me i could continue carting

them to the 'lending library' undre the bridge

OR let the Auctionists offer them for Pennies

on the Pound. {Amembre this when you are

your=self confronted with this Effort: FIND

and GATHER all the cruddy tomes together so

the book=man can see them all=ta=once!}

Early on, he made the prescient & precious

statement: "The books are Usually the Last

to go." mirabile dictu per diem! Twas ever

Thus. The mattresses go first. ~slac~


sunflowerkat321 said...

What a process....I've done it in my grandmother's homes and my mother's is waiting to be done someday.  She lives in the house her grandparents built in 1901 and it has never been emptied.  I will remember your good advice about the book man.  Heck, I'm such a darned packrat these will probably all come here. (Over Aaron's dead body!)

Love and hugs!

slacbacmac said...

Agreement 4 sure Flowre=Sun> Such distillations of Effort
ought happen while WE are walking & talking 6 feet abof the
Good Earth, instead of Laterly & Lingerly...But, hey, we all get
There 4 the good of much. Happy coming=up MomDay &
seeyasoon, ~Author~


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