Thursday, May 18, 2006


Thursday, May 18, 2006...SWEEP!

I'm not following the endeavours of

BARRY BONDS, but i can ascertain that

the Pennsy Legislature had that feeling

of being Brushed Back pre=season! And

altho turn=out disappointed me---i want

to congratulate the VOTERS who did send

a strong message to the Capital. OH! i

especially enjoyed the screen=touch

machine; it was fun & easy. Now, there's

no excuse not to JOIN the PARTY. It's

as simple as going to the ATM. [where

they keep your othre money.]

Random Notes:

>it's difficult but not impossible to find

a good ristorante after 9:30 PM on Tuesday,

espexially while entertaining EUROPEANS.

>there are some pieces of furniture that

even the CHARITIES won't put on the truck

for their beknighted clients. Kindling!

>what's up with the New Cars that think for

themselves? Is it the intention of DETROIT

for already schtupid drivers to become even

more lazy behind the Wheel? Give me a

roll=down window, a key=to=open Trunk &

lights that i can operate my own self.

>Eavesdropping is a bad thing. It's bad for

Dictatorships & it's bad for Democracies.

Heck--listening in on conversations which

don't concern you is an INHERENT EVIL no

matter where or when it is practised. I think

it also breaks that Commandment against

bearing [holding] false Witness! MYOB.

>or something much like that^ it's just a

Page & openly formatted for Comment.

Avoid the advertiseurs^^ ~slac~

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deabvt said...

Yesss! Slac, can you believe the primaries?


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