Monday, October 30, 2006


Monday, 30 October, 2006...i meant to say five (5) games. CARDINALS. Happy Hallowe'en! There's no haus like a Haunted haus, expecially when there are cats and older people schtill living inside it. I happened to tune in to TCM the othre night as they were showing the 1975 documentary, GREY GARDENS. [it's a BROADWAY show now with Christine Ebersole.]  I was transfixt by what i saw. A Bouvier mansion fallen into disrepair with only two (2) tenants...elderly EDITH BEALE & her dafter, little EDIE.  A dozen cats & raccoons to feed as well! Genuinely Scary. {Hane's hovel was not quite that bad, altho WE did have the occasional bird/bat/squirl in "KAY's bed=room."} The upsetting thing was--these people had Money!  No matter~they have gone to better hauses in Heaven & the mansions are rehabitable. Eventual.  i really misst entertaining the costumed ones this year. HECK~i didn't even haf to buy candy at all! I'm sure my good neighbours took up the slac, so to speak.  Now, all WE haf to do on Novembre 7th is dis=elect the monsters in G'b'rment.  No goodies for bad pirates^^ lata

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