Tuesday, September 6, 2005



This^: Is Werth re=positing...

Septembre 4th 2004>

when the werld folds in on

you, recognise it...

'cause you might not see that

crease again.


[filosofical state=ment]


SunFlowers propigate! Very

much like Septembre cukes

and lake=side confluences.

OR trailers & trux on the last

best day of the Parish Yard.

{I was a ride within a ride}

Do i not thus posit by foot and

feature to the blue blank

summer=sky? /point/

Of course~but the impending

Hurricane is far from us...

Nearly. [Hane is following the

disaster from the comfort of her

arm=chair.] Diversion!

09/04/2004^ Edited all=to...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday: Hane is talking back

to the meteorologists, some of

whom don't have enuf sense to

come in from the Hurricane.

The Matriarch is already up to

looking after [name]---even though

{name} still has a whole day

to go. /deleted/


Sometimes, the freakshow is

outside the Midway. Not that

i've noticed as i walk round the

Town... By Tuesday the whole

she=bang will be broken down.

Fair & cooler~Gypsies on the

road til anothre day. /deleted/

* Tommoro, there will be hot

dogs with [condiments] AND a

chance 2 reflect on werk without

actually werking. Which is a good

thing considering the conditions

that prevailed halfway through the

last Epoch. {Long Essay} Our

grands sure had the rough life,

short and brutish. /point/

Happy Labour Day and batten

down the hatches. Advise of else

as time passes~~~it is Quiet within

the Eye. cloudyslac

- - -end-of-reposit^- - -

Tuesday, September 06, 2005...

In a way, i'm thankful my Parents did

not have to see the American Tsunami.

Their hearts were already too large

from the previous Epoch's terrible

happenings. {Dad would have been

expecially pisht off by what occured

on September 11th, 2001.}

Any=way~this week i cultivate an

Attitude of Gratitude...I have a bed &

bread & potable water, a little more

werk & money than i deserve to pay

attention to. AND! Fambly members

who, altho' scattered geografically,

are not scraping & scratching to

create fresh existence from nearly

Nothing. Fortunately, i also have

Angels which are aiding the Folks

who are currently thus for=bourne!

[Their Wings are large and ever

Welcoming] Each day that passes

will become Brighter than the days

presented aforehand...until the next

terrible thing occurs. Be ready!

Prepare yourself! The Werld belongs

to G & J--We are only Tenants on

that fair ground. ~slacAttentif~


karynetaylor said...

so much there, so much true!

hope all is going well with you in these trying times, it certainly does force one to appreciate things we ALL get to taking for granted!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Blessed Smooch---Is it possible 2 be behind of Visitories?
Naturally so! And i thot i was as good a Commentateur as
Vince & all my gang. Shows to Go>>> I must be praying too
much 4 fine relief. ~Author~

floralilia said...

slac - as always, you hold the magnifying glass to what is important.  I sleep better knowing Hane is on the job too...imagine the tings she is getting herself into now, eh?

recovery is slow but steady - in all facets and fair grounds of life...

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata gf! And i don't bern the Ants with my Magnifier...
It's a Buddhist thing. Merciful Smooches> ~Author~


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