Wednesday, October 5, 2005


Bolton, Brown & bolsheviks,

i am behind the National News!

And i was so Awaiting that Call for

my Ascendence to the COURT...

Never Mind~Harriet should move

more freely thru the process. The

boys @ CIA didn't take kindly to

my early resignment. [secret]

Less=the=never, i am heartened

that Peter Pace has risen in the

Ranks. If you are gonna run a GOOD

War, you might as well have a

devil=dog in the Top spot. (i'm Not

being older Brother

probly took classes with him.)


Title: Bulbs, Boox & Boxes...

Mood/Music: i was singing Band on

the Run @ the schtore; hey, if they're

gonna play the track=sound of my life

while i'm shopping, i'm gonna Sing!

THOT: "Speaking of which, What does

Kentucky Fried Chicken have to do

with Sweet Home Alabama?"

Tuesday, Octobre Fourth, 2005...

I am behind of my e=mail and my Glow

perusals. But i have a really, really,

really GOOD excuse. Namely, i try to

go line=on when there is a minimal

chance of IMPterruption. NOT that i

mind talking to people by typing...some

of my best werk has appeared in

Instant Massages. It's the loss of focus

AND the re=direction of cranial activity

which fleegle my Purposes. Enough on

that subject Already.^ {and yes~i know

the differences among M-E-S-S-A-G-E,

M-A-S-S-A-G-E & M-E-S-S-U-A-G-E.}

When i "say" that i quit the CIA, i mean

the Culinary Institute of America,

of gourse. Don Adams and Simon

Wiesenthal would back me up on that

one, in spite of their Angelism.


floralilia said...

chef slac! - daughter no 2 is going to be joining CIA - hopefully in the Spring -

she is pastry apprenticing at Brasserier Perrier and Le Bec Fin as we schpeek.

i am behind on my glows, as you keeps interferring...

i trust you are well, as always...

kisses to you BF#1.

slacbacmac said...

Adherent Beauty---i am schtill Smitten with your Actress dafter>
There's a cooking Flo=Issue, as well?! I swoon with Admirable
smooches all=to. Yeah~we'll catch the up...

deabvt said...

were`s the soop?

deabvt said...

NEAT FROG!!!!!!!!

slacbacmac said...

Alas, V, the Ham=soop is nearly All. [i froze you a bowl]
The FROG is my trade=mark, here & there...


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