Friday, November 25, 2005


Giving=Thanx, Two Thousand and Five...PROLOGUE:  Maizy is in Virginia with BOTH her grand=kids, on that shore.  Kay is state=side and feasting in Carolina [nuffin could be finer.]   The Left-Coasters are probably chowing down on Mideast food.  The Engineer is retourning to the Walley from a long assignment in New Hampshire. Far flung the Fambly, yet perfectly placed.  {The Old Man had a fair habit of travelling South=Ward around the Holidays; his children are adopting it, inadvertently.}TITLE: cat lap

MOOD: greasy, like a Roasted Chicken

MUSIK: SUPERTRAMP, Crisis? What Crisis?

WIDEO: Knot's Landing [?!]

ANAGRAM: nuclear iran=unclear rain

JOKE: "Dr. Freud! You must help me; my wife believes she's a Labrador Retriever." "Hmm--and how long has your wife suffered this peculiar delusion?" "Ever since she was a puppy."

THOT: "black friday? You won't catch me camping out in the chill=wind @ the local WALMART; and not for the obvious current reasons...i have a fobia about being trampled."

TEXT: Friday, November 25, 2005...Regardless of all that^  It's good to have my markedly major brother [the Engineer] back in=country. Many grand things will be accomplisht becos he is near @ hand. {Evybody should have such a 2nd Soul} And other Blessings which would naturally accrue in the present Season. Like pussy=cats curling on the lap, like succulent bird meat falling off the bone, like thankful messages to the Heroes attempting to preserve PEACE in faraway places...These are the appreciatae of the Conditions which prevail. THANK YOU

Lord of all things 4 this^ evyday in evyway. *Blessings* OH! And warmer weathre by SUNDAY game=time, if possible. Extra Note: J & J and grand=nephew Wyatt were somewhat waylaid in Connecticut by a hinky alternator; schtill, They were gladly taken in by their best nearest Relatives. THAT too is an especial mitzvah! Happy Holiday~unkachickenslac~


karynetaylor said...

Sounds like it was a good holiday! Glad to hear it....

I had to go private, come see me. I *LISTEN* to my friends, it was grandly advised, I followed the advise!!


floralilia said...

"...These are the appreciatae of the Conditions which prevail. THANK YOU"

ditto. I second the motion and the notion.  

deabvt said...



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