Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Prognostication? Honestly, officer,

i've never before in my life ever

paid for this! ~Nostraslacus~

2005-10-24...i suspect in a new Millennium that the

Red Sox can Win one year, and the White Sox could

Sweep the next. Signs of the Apochryphal...These

are not predictif! i follo not the beis=ball. SWAT!

Obfuscation? Please--i haven't even

consulted my Architect. Who is also

my seester... ~slackminsterFuller~

^ ^ ^ ^ coded=thread^ ^ ^ ^

title: leggings

mood: vivacious

thot: "i am still finding the occasional

plastic bag filled with white hair. It's

almost like she wanted to be cloned."

error: ...Mickey Rooney has directed

a film about Edmund Amorro in which

the Network (also a film by Trotsky)

disassembles the political Avarices of

Charlie McCarthy...or so i've heard.

Some=body vet my info. *gggrgh*

+ + + +korrekt+ + + +

Tuesday, October 25, 2005...

Rosa Parks just boarded that great

bus 2 infinity. She probly said,"Slide

over, I'll drive." Long=lived Beauty.

(imagine the passenger manifest!)

Wednesdayish~The candy is laid in

for the little ones; the Aer is dull and

Brisk. Must be Octobre. *wooo*

Also, we have 2 elect a new Mayor

in certain vicinities. Now, that's a

scary Preposition...



floralilia said...

there be frost on them punk'ins tanight paw...


sunflowerkat321 said...

I'll bet you're in for a busy night of  little ghosts and goblins tomorrow.  Got LOTS of candy??  It's very quiet out here on my suburban street.

Maybe we'll see you at the parade on Sunday!!!

slacbacmac said...

GOURDS! i need more gourds, frosty or nay...but
yes, i have like 5 bags of Candy. WE should confab @ the
HamFam after the *gasp* EEEElectioNNNN. smoochy boos


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