Saturday, September 3, 2005


Friday, 02 September, 2005...

It is nigh Impossible to consider the

devastation which has Visited the Gulf.

On=going, interminable, unfathomable.

KATRINA, in her Cruelty, has opened a

third front on the War. We'll probably

remember this as the American Tsunami.

It is hoped that the Werld will come to

our Assistance, in our time of Need.

Which is already happening...


In spite of our Prides & prejudices, we

have now entered the human Century.

The salvation of lives shall become our

touch=stone as we press through.

Nationalism, Survivalism and other small

filosofies are departing our scant minds.

This is a single Planet with a single

PEOPLE. We are them & They are us.

Each & Every one of us requires rescue

at one time or another...And this is the

AGE of our Age when the Heroes and

Angels will put down the limited & limiting

devilments of our former Nature. Such a

bright day is Coming! I dreme of it often.

And rise in the morning, on G's own dawn,

believing it Perfectly possible...


Then~as now~i pray constantly for the

Children of suffering...These little ones will

Preserve all of us, in their Turn, and in spite

of our former Failings. With Truth & Unity...

It is to be hoped for Good and all.

- - -slac- - -

Saturday, September 03, 2005...

And this is the American diaspora. Some

have taken exception to calling displaced

Southerners "REFUGEES". News flash~

WE are all refugees in one form or another.

We either come from a long line of

displaced persons OR we continually move

around this great land like nomads. It is

a preternatural Condition of the Nation to

'be from some=place else." And to yearn

to travel somewhere better. Veritas

The essential difference in the current

situation is whether Movement is forced

or voluntary. Mostly, by necessity, it is

forced. Still~i pray the Majority of these

desperate Peoples find true Shelter from

the Storm...Today, tomorro & however

long they require it.



karynetaylor said...

well I'm playing catch up and reading what people wrote as the whole thing unfolded is just as disturbing as where we are today with it all. I really wish we made good on that whole "US sticks together" thing everyone tried to promote during post 911. Perhaps if we had convinced all that Katrina was working for the Taliban?

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Kayy> you say much in 5 scant lines...WE post long
2 observe simple Truths. ~Author~


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