Thursday, December 8, 2005


"All we are Saying, is give PEACE

a chance..." --John Lennon 1968

December 1941: Congress Declares

War, United States will join fight

against Axis Powers

"Get your hands off me, you Damn

dirty ape!" --Charleton Heston 1969

"They will turn their Swords into

plowshares and their Spears into

pruning hooks...and practise the Art

of War no more." --Micah

"Alright~who gave these monkeys

modulator/demodulators?" --slac 2012

Friday, December 09, 2005...SCHNOW! And a goodly

amount of it too. Makes ya wanna hunker in the bunker,

i mean--bundle up and Shovel for 15 minutes at a time. Then

have some piping chicken noodle SOOP! And check in on the

bodacious weathre=girls & their reportage in the field.

{The schmart ones wear HATS} This^ is not a weathre

report. I was gonna rant about the banner ads, but i think

i'll just schtew in my juices until i'm feeling a bit more

diatribic; there are better Jeremiahs out there already doing

the good werk. PLUS+, i'd like to try to be rabidly maniacal

enuf about it 2 get my Page bumpt & shunned. A Glower

can dreme, can't one? And WE are sending e=mails to the

advertiseurs as well as DEPARTING en masse [Secret: it's

what They want so they can clean their Servers before the

Holiday Rush.] I said i wasn't ranting^^

A little more HISTORY...Johannes Gutenberg is famous for

his extra=ordinary luck & perseverance. He was the first

person who had each & every one of these three (3) things:

>PAPER [an Egyptian invention, originally beaten from reeds]

>INK [a long=time Artistic medium, seldom perfected]

>MOVABLE TYPE-PRESS [a strange new technology]

Without the triumvirate of these, Johnny woulda just been

anothre dirty european page=presser...totally un=celebrated.

More recently, Randolph Hearst was

rumoured to have sent a telegram to

the Southern Hemisphere about the

Impending Spanish-American conflict:

[i parafrase,] "Send us the photographs

and we will manufacture the WAR."


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