Friday, August 26, 2005


August 25, 2005...


The Matriarch was devoted to the Sacred

Heart of J--a darn good thing considering

her own heart was a bad performer her

entire Life. Age 10 (ten) on=ward...


The Patriarch was devoted to Engineering,

Management & Art--he sired three (3) sons

who augmented his passions, altho back=wise

and inside=to. His daughters moved in more

direct Lines completely! Good girls...


Cat was good enuf to bring her kids the othre

day, mostly 2 exhaust my supplies of diet

soda. And othre essential things...

ELLIPSES~~i must have more ELLIPSES!


Rocky visited the bone=yard all of her Own.

She had only slight perturbance of finding

Hane's b'ful schtone AND tried to call me from

that location for advisement. Alas~i was at

werk when she foned & she found her best

friend Any=way. WE teach our kids & grands

to travel Perfect unto their destinations.

'Twas Ever Thus! Adults are no less busy of

such Werks than their buried Ancestors.

Yet~Always, i mean, ALWAYS--write some

information on the bax of FOTOGRAFS!!

And more the Blessing that none of my

Nephews & Nieces drife like me...i set a

surely terrible Xample in my Grandmother's

green ghost. And, yet more=so=the=much,

i have never lost a Passenger excluding

Myself. [1986] The car, like its antecedents,

looks very good when it is sitting schtill.


UnkaLou [19 the Engineer says hi

slac> hey Engineer

UnkaLou he's watching TV

slac> of gourse

UnkaLou ok

slac> 1 good on ya

UnkaLou 1 8-)

slac> 1 got the check

UnkaLou 2 don't cash it tho

slac> 2 natch not!

UnkaLou 2 2 months

slac> 2 thy poverty precedes you

UnkaLou ha

UnkaLou gotta go

UnkaLou see ya

slac> lata

^IMP edited 4 nomenclature...

Friday, 26 August, 2005...OOPs! There's

anothre spurious IMP from a Friend^

It comes & it goes--often when i am trying

to date up my Page. Thereyago.


UnkaLou might be impresst that i followed

his Advice & added Memory to the ding dang

dell. Easily done, and now i scan historical

fotoes @ a blazing schpeed. Perhaps. Altho,

i am thinking of switching to postcards on

account of there are many less of them!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Never mind~i have always posited that a good

Engineer can take mechanical devices apart

and then put them back togethre again.

BUT an Excellent Engineer has the uncanny

ability to take a broken Machine, play with it

a=while, and Then--Fix it better than its

natural design EverMore! Not only have i seen

this happen but also i have caused such austere

miracles. It points up the artist in me. Maybe.


Regardless of all that~i am still behind the

Bounces on my Inter=Web...and i would rather

have more ellipses than declentions. Advise me

of the Advise & Comment freely>>>>






thelovetrain said...

Since you seem to be religious to a quite undetermined degree by yours-(son)-truly, pray-tell, why on earth, or in the Heavens, would 'you' drink a diet soda (taste, perhaps)?

... Have a BIG fat-laden one, if you're ever inclined. I wouldn't tell a falsehood to anyone, much less my dad'. -- Your ribs, won't mind a bit.

~Brian @---->---

sunflowerkat321 said...

I just wanted you to know that I bounced by my friend.  And one of these days, I WILL bounce by the shack.

slacbacmac said...

Brian, my especial son--the Diet Sodas are GIFTS, which as a Buddhist
i can hardly refuse! I pass them on to others while i drink the fully Caloric
beverages. Flowre=Sun> you are Welcome 2 interrupt me any=time...
when you are able & perfectly recovered of recent sadnesses,
whatever they may be. Blessings on Visitories!  ~Author~

oceanmrc said...

Thanks for visiting and for the good wishes!

karynetaylor said...

Hi from Cally.

Like a postcard ...

~ Karyn~!~!!!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Kay & Ocean=Gal>> i'm culling for
Comments, shamelessly...Yet praying constantly for
dispossessed Louisianians. Katrina should cut the
crap! Soon, WE hope...        ~Author~


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