Tuesday, December 6, 2005


"That slack...He ignores the adverts even more on

SUNDAY, if that's possible." ~heard=over on Web~

The dog & bird & bug Report...Decembre And five>

One of my Customers had to put down his companion

this week. Dixie was a gorgeous Golden Retriever who

attained the Age of Fifteen (15) years, eight Months.

And she was a beautiful example of the canine species

whenever i met her @ the Yard...a well=behaved lass,

devoted to her master. [He told me the news as i was

warming in the slack=shack, waiting for Santa; my boof

is thus a rarefied Confessional.] IF such pets ought to

go to Elysium, Dixie deserves as much as anothre.

I was walking through the liquor schtore parking Lot

when i noticed the seagulls. There were at least two of

these cat=sized white winged wonders bomb diving the

feckless pigeons off the ARTHAUS THEATRE roof! On a

crunchy, schnowy Day no less. The jerseygirl will advise

me of HOW these Jonathans come 2 travel so far land=in!

I know we have good junkfood in the Walley for these

Aviaries to sample, but the commuting must be crasy...

even for birds. Urbanic sea=birds---what's next?

Goodnight, sleep tight, Don't let the bed=bugs bite.

It's a little thing we sing 2 children when they are warm

and comfy on their nice clean mattresses. Only, Now,

those schleeping boxes are not so Healthy by recent

reports. There's no shame in telling your Hotelier that

you've experienced a rash of uninvited guests...in fact,

it's probly the right thing to do! Report the infesters.

Then, warsh your own clothes in very Hot Water.

Pediculosis? Even more=so...Don't pass it on. *scratch*


Kay and Harry are winging their way back 2 EUROPE.

I know this becos she tried to call me from the Aerport,

but i was napping. My seester & i are sometimes at

cross=purposes, but we come by it naturally. We share

a certain inverse proportionality in life experiences...

She left every skool i ever entered And i departed every

skool she ever went into. She had a special attachment

to the Patriarch; i have had an unusually close relation

with the Mother. And many other topsy-turvies. Yet, for

all our profound and inimical differences, we enjoy some

remarkable complementarities. I'd say if it weren't for

the eight (8) year separation in age, Kay & i coulda been

fraternal/sororital TWINS! It's a crasy theory but as crasy

theories go, it Holds a certain arguable charm. UNTIL it is

negated by others! And if it isn't a cosmic joke of some

sort, at least WE can remember & tell it well. Varicose...

[mean=while, Cat has acquired a new schtray...they call

him MacGyver becos he schnuck into the haus. And he's a

feline by all accounts & that's better than coming into

possession of another Puppy. Wrong=me=not=get! I love

the dogs...i just don't want to OWN one.] *woof/meow*


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karynetaylor said...

I want the kitty!! what a cute name!

sounds like its business as usual in your parts of the world and hopefully you are keeping warm as well.

its bad when people in Georgia are complaning about the cold! Forget about how they closed down parts of Dallas because of snow!! (or so I heard)

~ Karyn


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