Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ya cain't spell PATRIOT without Eavesdropping.

Wait! That isn't Right. No wonder the SENATE let

it drop. I'll have to borro a few strange boox from

the LIBERRY to figger this one out. *shrug*

So~i was watching PREDATOR the other day and

i thot,"Heck! Why can't Carl Weathers simply run

for President in And8? He could jump right over

that governeur thang!" [the only woman he could

not defeat would be Condi.] Rhymes with 'pitch':

Two (2) ranch=hands travel to Japan & learn the

ways of samurai geishas, only to catch a ship bound

for an Island of remarkable creatures looking to

capture a very large gorilla. BUT, on their way back

to the land=main with said gorilla, they strike an

ICEBERG which turns the ship Up=Side Down!

(Howard Stern could play the Roddy MacDowell part.)

With animations by PIXAR/Burton...perhaps. *itch*

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Title: The End of Autumn & i'm Running Around Like

It's Just Another Tuesday...Go, Car, Go

Tuesday, 20 December, 2005...

Mood: baffled by the surreptitious hubris, early

Musik: [secret] the Media=Player is only a faer Radio

Video: Yesterday, i schtumbled onto Kirstie Alley's

first appearance on Match Game! Amazing & rare

Joke: "How can you tell when the NSA is bouncing to

your blog?" "Ya cain't~it's a damned secret."

Thot: "What would Jack Anderson and John Spencer

really like to say about these BANNER ADS? From

where they're at right now i mean..."

That's enuf hilarity 4 one day^ END of PROLOG 1

~bank~ethyl~grox~laundry~& bouncing~tapslac


floralilia said...

hi BF #1, checking in -

haven't had time to post, let alone read and comment -

but you are in my thoughts daily -

as always.

slacbacmac said...

That Voice!> That mild & b'ful voice...
it is my Flow 2 whom i Glow. Smoochyasoon &
Merry Merry on the Fambly  ~author~

frankandmary said...

I am basically a republican(ducking), but I think Carter should run again. I think in the interim, he learned a hell of a lot. I also think he is a fine, good-intended man. What happened to those?

slacbacmac said...

F&M> i Agree...but Jimmy & Rosalyn are enjoying a busy
but well=deserved Retirement. Anothre good President
will come Eventually. It is to be Hoped  ~Author~


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