Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tuesday, November 15, 2005...

Pre=cursif & Prologous Political schtatement:

OH! They're scrambling now. I think that Elexn

thing put some fear into their unctious adiposes.

I'm speaking collectively, of gourse, nation=wide.

{Democracy is like Sex; it's only dirty if you're

doing it right.} Rest Not! Constituents are now

obligated to keep the entrenchants off=balance

until the next cycle of Rebellion/Revolution. Both

parties should continue to be largely nervous...


TITLE: A Double Shower

MOOD: blustery

ANAGRAM: spot the pots; span the naps...

MUSIK: Billy Joel...on the ride home

WIDEO: Modesty Blaise (8 o'clock, FMC)

JOKE: A very old man was examined by a young

internist who was surprised to find the codger in

perfect health. Naturally, the fresh=faced Medic was

curious to find out what made the elderly patient so

long-lived. "What's your secret, sir?",the youngster

inquired. The old one replied,"Well--I sleep well and

eat gourmet foods and make love to as many women

who would entertain me." The Internist made notes

of what was said but was not quite satisfied by the

Answers. "No, really--to What do you owe this fantastic

Longevity?" To which the old man replied,"To tell the

absolute Truth, I just love serving as a pall=bearer at

DOCTORS' funerals."

THOT: "WHAT? Sauerkraut is good for chickens?! And

i've been putting it on my weiners!"

RATIO: diadems per diem

Wednesday, November 16, 2005...i wonder if the Crows

fly intentionally against the wind; are they doing aviary

aerobix? It's true i didn't get many customers to=day,

owing to the grey rain. Slacking in the shack with old

puzzles and local radio...i don't mind the dreary wet when

it schtays mostly outside. The soaking also cuts down on

the schweeping up! SO, rainy days are good prima facie.

Evidentiary Filler! And colder, brighter days will come...



slacbacmac said...

[Editors & such: LEAVE my page alone...iffen i wanted 'advertisers'
i woulda invited them.] ~Author~

thelovetrain said...

I knew I admired you for some reason, dad.

~Love always, Crow Train @---->---

deabvt said...

Evidentiary Filler! And colder, brighter days will come...



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