Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Tuesday, December 27, 2005...It was Christmas.

It was cold. It was wet. I know! Let's GO TO THE

BEACH! {Here's the funny part--two of us actually

went Schwimming.} Cat, the Engineer & Blade

picked me up on Sunday morning and we Rode

North, yes NORTH^ to the dismal shores of Long

Island Sound. It rained almost the entire time we

were there; the post=solstice orb only began to

peek out on our Journey home. CONNECTICUT!

Less=the=never, it is a cozy cottage to gather

at as a Fambly around the Holidays. And there are

few better Hosts & Hostesses than Maizy & PapaLou.

Especially when they are already entertaining one of

their favourite grand=sons [Wyatt] and his lovely

parents. Such a more perfect crowd of nine you

could not find...a playful group of love gathered

around a pellet stove. OH! i nearly forgot the pets!

Three cats there were but only the Black one was

asociable to any=one; Molly, the familiar Shepherd

of the Nephew(s) was a most Gracious & Patient

canine. [i should know~i walked her twice and she

was Glad of my company.] Such a Christmas we will

not soon forget for its Essential goodness...

Back=Flash: Seems like only yester=day (1995) that

Mac drove me up to the same=self environs in the

green=ghost for the capsizer's Graduation from the

USCGA. We stayed in a very nice rental cottage with

the Engineer & his crew. Uncle Donald was there as

well and we all played foot=ball on the beach. That

was a good party even 'tho Mac lost his blue blankie.

Doctor JOYCE BROTHERS was the Commencement

speaker & we all got facial sunburn. [In May, yet.]

ON the return trip to New Paltz we schplit the gang

3 + 3...Two engineers & Rocky in the green car,

Cat, me & Blade in the Red one. [its 'name' was Rex]

I wondre where that BLANKET is now? hmmm...

How do you serve Christmas dinner in a one floor

cottage? BUFFET STYLE, of gourse! We demolished

half a breast of a twenty pound (20 Lb.) turkey and

most ofa canned ham. With home=made mashed

potatoes, schtuffing and green beans almondine.

{True to my Impression of my Dad, i schtripped the

bird carcass...BUT, we didn't save it for Soop.} The

next night, the newlyweds made Lasagna. To say

nothing of the Squash soop, Maizy's Tiramisu and all

the other confectionary items WE consumed. Some

of these people KNOW how to cook! Which is a very

good thing acause Our side of the Fambly knows how

to eat. *snarf*gobble*smack*inhale*sample*snarf

[Cat and i also hit the breakfast bar @ one of Kay's

hotels pretty hard on the two mornings we were there]

Too soon, the four of us were South=bound in heavy

Traffic---with the engineer demonstrating all the points

of interest & the POWER STATIONS. [just like Mac...]

We had a late lunch @ the Blauvelt Coach Diner and

our Waitress was very good to us. With the lingering

sun still setting too soon, we bumpt into a Terrible

mess at the PANJ bordre. Some=how, our intrepid

Pilot guided us through it; i'll say it now and i'll say it

again---My brother can drive me any=where. Truth.

Imagine what that beach will be like once the Good

Weathre comes! HAPPY NEW YEAR! holiday hugs~


December 28, 2005^


gdireneoe said...

New Year hugs back to you Slac doll.  Be safe should you venture out.  We had quite the smathering of willing cooks and bellies here too...wonderful memories. ;)  C.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Sounds just about perfect!  Glad you were surrounded by loving family and good food!

Holiday hugs and smooches....


karynetaylor said...

happy new year

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata x3 & Agreement>>> It wouldn't be a Happy Happy
And6 without my 'especial' girls! Yet looking after my grand=neph
was a Wonderful Xperience within it=self...FAMBLY! gotta love 'em
More 2 come~  ~Author~

uscga1995 said...

Sounds like fun.  But WHO are these relatives you speak of who can cook so well?  I'd like to meet them someday!!!  All I remember of my childhood is baked chicken drowned in Campbell's cream of mushroom soup.

That......and cereal.

Happy New Year and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

slacbacmac said...

Especial Cap=Sizer> WE cook the good when you are schleeping...
Your fotoes will be Featured on the Page when i can shpend an Hour
up=dial off-loading them! Never mind, this Fambly loves you most.
HNY smooches on Tania, Noah, Emma & Every=one ~Author~

deabvt said...



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