Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Monday, September 19, 2005...

Glow on Web=Glowers! Brian the Love Train has

seen fit to nominate me as a virtuoso...And for

that i am grateful. Altho~i prefer to think of

myself as an impresario. Fortunately, i have a

big=ace dictionary Toward which i can attempt

to look up both them werds. It's a joke, son.

Mean=while, one of my favourite regular Glow

gals made guest editor recently. That would be

the JERSEY GIRL her=own=self. [She's on my

list of faves 2 the right...and, Yes, i should add to

my List.] Anyway---it could not have happened

to a better all=round Glower, if i do say so. And

the wonderful Irony of it all is I keep making their

lists in spite of my redounding austerity. That's

the impresario Part, i reckon. Id est, i sincerely

endorse a BOUNCE to her site/cite/sight becos she

has Fotoes & Links & Schtories & Evything. And

leave effusif comments well into Autumn...i'd like

nothing more than to see Her break 100 on a

singular entry! I kid, i love and i am too Widely

considered my=self to curry favour with my circle

of Friends. THEY smack me regular when & if i

show Any partiality^^ Appreciata!

LOCAL political RANT date=up: The keystone cabal is concatenating in ever more various directions--both parties are pretending (again) to be just as upset as their CONSTITUENTS. They have no idear how much. Even the personages who voted against the 'raise'/expenses/piracy are finding their cloddy feet in shunkified Water. The Governor would like to hold a "special session" on Property taxes. Yet, i suspect, that he should also put the Question of highway robbery at the Top of that self=same page. It won't get fixt by corruptible diversion any=more. [wrong me not get--i've shaken Hands with the Administrator, but there are only so many wrong turns one can take in so short a Term.] It's time, now, for the actual constituents to posit their displeasure with Harrisburg. Today, Novembre 05, 06, 07 & 2008 UNTIL the house is Cleaned...if it's good enuf 4 Afghanistan & Iraq, it's well the Moment for Us. ~end of rant~

- - -VOTE- - -register- - -clean~the~haus- - -slac- - -

Nationally, the boy HURRICANES are not making

much of a show. BUT~the girls are schtill in it

i can tell you. Even Donald Rumsfeld had to admit

that the American Typhoons are gumming up his

plans for military Transformation. OR werds to that

effect. What amazes me, is that after Killer KATRINA,

weathre=persons & news=folk are still going out

in the battering Winds and the surging Surfs...Are

they really that stupidly masochistic? STAY AWAY

from the High Water, already! Evybody, hunker in

the bunker--them girls are gonna knock some=body

on their adipose while they try to take the "During"

pixtures. Truly. {Faint respite: Zigfield is bound to

be a Boy...} Tuesday, September 20, 2005^



slacbacmac said...

[i justified the BLUE, but the RED reads like Potery]
It's what i get 4 CENTERING my 'text'. ~AUTHOR~

thelovetrain said...

True; you're an impresario, dad. I just couldn't squeeze all of your wordy-facets onto the prize, and still see the snowy-flower visual. [:\]

... It's a love of art award (in its many forms), and that, you're a great lover of. A most deserving virtuoso, as well. [:)]

Thank for sharing, Slac.

~Brian @---->---


gdireneoe said...

Slacdoll, take that title and where it loud hon'.  You go! ;)  I also adore that jersey girl...very inspiring.  By keystone/Harrisburg do you refer to Pennsylvania?  My family is there (outside Philly), and I lived in Chambersburg as a child.  Oh, and the hurricane chicks...a woman scorned... ;)  C.  http://journals.aol.com/gdireneoe/thedailies

sunflowerkat321 said...

Nettie is awesome and her recognition is deserved.  She has many fans!

We certainly have a problem in Harrisburg.  Displeasure abounds.  Hopefully the residents of the Keystone state will do more than complain about it.

cneinhorn said...

I've seen you on that Journal list too and from one virtuoso to another, you did a fine job indeed. thanks for the very kind words, I'm blushing.  *smooches*
~ jersey

deabvt said...

Woo Hoo, Nettie!!
A demonstration was held in Harrisburg; nothin`ll happen.

slacbacmac said...

Thanx, V & welcome back, truly>
And, Yes, like my SOOPS, WE will keep this issue
Near to the front burner! [tax revolutions always
schtart this way^] Vote early & often...


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