Saturday, September 17, 2005


September 15, 2005...

Ah, Yes, that very underused Staccato script! Would that i could read it without Squinting. Something about the handwritteness that shchtrikes my Fancy. Secret~ it's only for the most meticulous of Authors who Amember what it's like to schpill Fountain-Pen Ink on white shirt pockets! Enuf of that^  - - -schmear/blot- - -Mode~cryptic

TITLE~the spider killer

Weathre~wanting to rain

Thot~the Insurgents are

desperate...and despicable.

Feeling~Sad 4 the werld...

Salutation~Arise O Angels!

Superific text~

It is a Sorrow, truly, that this New epoch is beset with cataclysm...And, by extension, all the natural creatures which dwell within it. Altho~it is not wholly unexpected nor surprising. {Every Age has witnessed upheavals} That old nuclear adage seems to be  holding steady...that the Living might envy the passed ones. Yet, as a person of Faith, i scarcely believe we have reached that Tipping Point! Heck no. Where in the name of Carla Gugino was i going with this? Amind me, dear Visitories, to schtay on topic. Focus! I do not ordinarily drown Arachnids in my kitchen sink. Buddha would not approve. Schtill, i have accidentally murdered more Spiders in recent days than normally Possible. Pradma, i Hope i don't come back as one in Twenty=One Fifty (2150)! Such a burden to revisit one's karma with Eight legs when the present double set comports me middling. {This^ is mildly false: my big feet serve well the walking, running, kicking & tapping more than many of my contempos.}Less=the=Never, i abhor extinguishing Children of the CRAB--they Hunt and eat all the othre useless bugs...

- - -randomised~slac- - -

Saturday, September 17, 2005...

Indeed, i rescued anothre puppy

today. A female shepherd husky mix with piercing blue eyes--such a honey. She liked me more than the policemen and didn't take to the Humane officer at all, at all. In fact, she escaped from him alltogethre! Yet, it ended well when i saw her going home with her owners in a mini=van much later. Nice way to break up the werk day.  Also, i avoided Squashing a squirl on my way home from the Parish; the green ghost swerved slightly toward the shoulder instead of into coming=on traffic. How do those critters run BETWEEN the wheels??? ~lata



gdireneoe said...

They don't always make it Slacdoll...I saw one sunbathing on his back in the middle of the road today... ;)  C.

karynetaylor said...

oh there's no worse sound than that THUNK of the skull under the car, but its always a relief to see the animal still running ... when they are.

I've caused my share of small road kill, never anything bigger than a squirrel or bird. Thankfully!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Think, Thank>>, Thunk...i have the Sense to watch out
for little creatures, often. Yet~the large Evolved 'animals'
Mysitify me. Thereyago... ~Author~

deabvt said...

Don`t know where to start!
G R E A T!!!!


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