Friday, December 2, 2005


IN MEMORIAM: On seeing a poster of a

karate master chopping a log in half, Daniel

Russo asks his sensei,"Mister Miyagi! Can

you do that?" ..."Don't know--never been attacked

by tree." Pat Morita elevated & enhanced his

lineage, even when he was forced to play Eastern

stereotypes on the big & small screens. Plus+,

he was a genuinely funny man. Surely, as an

Angel he will still advise his companions,"Don't

forget to Breathe--very important." Thanx Pat.

Wednesday, 30 November, 2005...

Political Content: Meanwhile, in Washington,

the War Secretary used an unusual verbiage

which was followed by equally strange werds in

a speech by the Chief Commander. DONALD

spoke of not having an arbitrary deadline for

troop withdrawals [or considerations thereof] AND

his perfect Superior, the President made mention

of not believing in an artificial timetable. Now, i'm

not one to lean Aport on such complicated matters,

but isn't a dead=line naturally, perfectly Arbitrary?

More=over, isn't a timetable prima facie somewhat

REAL to the persons constructing it?? What planning

can be accomplisht if end-points are not fixed on a

reliably constructed Calendar? It pondres me much

as i am both a student of Logic & Mathematix!

[perhaps our Leaders have a more refined sense of

TIME & SPACE which i do not yet ken...perhaps.]

Less=the=never, i trust that bright minds & Hearts

will one Day make a good Report to Mr. Murtha.


Title--the Creeping Buddha


Music--the best of Bread...borroed cd

Wideo--[er~Whirlygig pulverises Romano]

Menu--Chicken Broth>Chicken Soop...made=home

Joke--"What do you say to a Gorilla wearing Earmuffs?"

"Anything you want...he can't hear you anyway."

~Reader's Digest~

anagram--How rate the Tear?

Friday, 02 December, 2005...Holy Crud! That's XMAS

music on the car radidio! Where did the fleegle year go?

I do haf to get my sheet togethre before boxing day.

Two Thousand & Five will be amembered as the year

that: Slack was called 2 jury=duty, John Kerry was

called 2 jury=duty AND George Walker Bush was called

2 jury=duty. Amazing coincidental parallelism, that. Only

33% of us actually Served in said Capacity as of Press

time. [a very old man will one day be askt,"Granpa, what

happened in 2005?" He will answer,"And five? Why that

was the Year of the Judiciary!"] Observata...

I am remiss of true memorialisation becos there are Now

more departing celebrated angels than there is Time to

buss their catafalques; it's the over=populaxn Thing.




uscga1995 said...

These damn advertisements are killing me.
The ACLU has gone too far this time!
I'm thru with this blog!!!  

slacbacmac said...

Capsizer! You have caught the colic from your children...
Ignore the ads & read the TEXT. It's a Glow, not a blog.
chekyasoon ~Author~

karynetaylor said...

Anything advertised in my blog is to be treated the OPPOSITE: these are places I do not go, do not condone, and will notify if I ever see something that actually IS supported by said blog author. AOL Match Service certainly NOT amongst things I support, thank you very much, I am happily married! Nor will I step foot in a Bank of America, willingly OR as an accomplice!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Agreement, gf>my page loads SLOWER becos of the Interloping
advertiseurs---a POX on them, while i try 2 bounce 2 my lovelies


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