Saturday, September 24, 2005


Strange Day...09/23/2005>

On my way to werk with Monica,

i was diverted by an accident outside

the Liberry. Turns out, it was our

cleaning Trainee who was T=boned

at that intersection. Holy Crud! Her

Jeep was totalled but she came to

werk any=way. She [Cathy] must

have been suffering shock while

she cleaned the Offices...G bless

her, i hope she has some Peace

over the week=end. It was only the

second day and she seems a good

fit for the job. Such things to have

happen on sunny Autumnal days!

{i drife like a cautious old man during

skool afternoons...Exactly becos there

is so much sheet going on.}

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Of the Yester=day @ the Market,

i carried home coffee and chocolate

powder, soop beans & a ham hock.

That's right---it is Time again for me

to Concoct a blood=rich ham and bean

Broth in the style of my absent Pater.

IT will be a simmered & stable Comfort

to the Suffering masses and Attending

angels who require such a Bone Balm.

[i apologise 2 my vegetarian Friends for

the complicit porcine Sacrifice which is

Required 2 complete this endeavour.]

Yet~as i pay Attention to the days which

come, What better method to calm the

Soul than to cook for All & schmell that

well=directed Aroma! Heaven in a stock

pot...OR something like it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

September 24, 2005...Conservation and

Conversation...To=day was the talking

day. I spoke with both my neighbors on

the way 2 werk and many of my regular

customers at the Yard. Carl talked about

cruises, Mike about selling his Honda.

All the girls said hello & almost all the

Parish police waved. Heck~i even palavered

with Our funeral directrix, early, at the

Market! Such a cool day to Converse and

make human contact. Pleasantries with

Deep subjects too...[incomplete sentences]

It made the busy day go good. Veritas.

Meanwhile & else, NPR devoted its time

to the coverage of Rita and the turnings

in TEXAS. There is such a thing as being

too prepared. Many, many people made

too many unnecessary Movements this

time around, and probly squandered a

fair amount of Resources all=to. I only

hope my far=flung relatifs down there

have Endured the fluxes well & easily.

[Watch out for the Maisy mileage!]

Of LOUISIANA and the othre Coastals,

WE must still Pray and act according...

becos they have but started their trips

upon a long Road. Rest well, O Windy

soldiers of the Season! G is holding all

of us fast 2 a fine result. Who authors the

Rain & Fire but that Grand designer?

[rhetorical yet no less true^]

It is the Sun=Day soop which i offer up.

- - -conversationalslac- - -


gdireneoe said... it ready yet?  Are we having cornbread too?  Soup smells herald cooler weather for me too.  I was thinkin' chile...but maybe soup would fit better. ;)  C.

cneinhorn said...

thank God the lady was okay, and what a trooper, coming in to werk anyway...amazing!

~ jersey  

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata all=to>> We cook the good & Try 2 avoid those
farflung unnecessary Accidents...She came 2 werk today, and i was
fair witness 2 it. Simmering Blessings. ~AUTHOR~

deabvt said...

Man, I can smell that soop!


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