Sunday, November 13, 2005


Veterans' Day, Two-Thousand and Five...It is well remembered that during

the First Werld War, at Christmas, ALL hostilities were suspended for a

period of between 26 and 38 hours. And that the combatants on either side

took Time out from killing each othre to sing songs in Praise of that special

Arrival long ago of a mere infant who changed Our faulted history forever.

Would that such a moment could be repeated again this Year! Honour^

Speaking ex tempore of that same Person: It is noted that Emanuel held no

malice toward Roman Centurions nor Guards. When HE was captured in the

skull=garden, Simon took the occasion to draw a small Judaic sword and

sliced off completely the ear of a Latin Constable. J placed his fingers on

the resultant wound and just as totally HEALED that orifice which Peter had

been so rash to sever And the rebbe Admonished everyone that,"Those who

live by the sword shall verily perish by the sword!" Such a dark night.

On a brighter, earlier Day of that same era, the Great Teacher was

approached by a certain Centurion [a Roman in charge of one hundred

soldiers] whose natural daughter had fallen ill to the point of Death.

This powerful military man spoke plainly with an obvious subjugant,

"I have heard that you are a great healer. I have the charge of many men

in my company. I say to one,'do this' and he does this; I say to another,

'go there' and he goes there, even at his own peril. So, I ask you only to

give the word that my child might live." To which placation, the Son of

Man said simply,"Go Home. Your daughter is Recovered of affliction and

asking after You. She is well." Veritas humanitas ex persecutius...

{my Latin is dull & my Aramaic is even worse^} Peace & Mercy^

Saturday, November 12, 2005...Hey! Hey! This is a Fambly Page. It's not

political or religious. To say Nothing of intelligent design. [alright--it

might be a schmart page, but i'm danged if i can suss out any purposeful

design.] It's more like fly=papre~~catching the Random things which adhere.

Yeah...that's it. Reflecting the nuances of a capricious Epochal universe.

More like that than the othre thing 4 sure OR some such werds. In the form

of COMPLETE SENTENCES they should be! Mind the patois. {Somewhere in

the nation, fourth=graders are presenting a report on 'the log'. They'll

probably receive a C minus.} EXCELSIOR!


karynetaylor said...

a roman in charge of a hundred soldiers ... I am on the floor !!

~ Karyn

floralilia said...

sorry slac -

i'm over at blogspot till the ad thing gets resolved...

slacbacmac said...

AAAACCKKKK---there's an ADVERT on my Page too!
This: i DO NOT LIKE. ~Author~

deabvt said...

{Somewhere in

the nation, fourth=graders are presenting a report on 'the log'. They'll

probably receive a C minus.} EXCELSIOR!



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