Saturday, October 29, 2005


Thursday, October 27, 2005...

it is widely held that predictions

are difficult, expecially about the

future. [:YOGI BERRA] And don't

forget 2 check your Santayana.

Less=the=Never, on the rare

occasion that i reposit...Chekit

but don't elekit>

title: moon red

thot: "ya gotta love a system where

date=ups are nearly obsolete on the

day they're born And all the really cool

schtuff gets buried in the code."

music: Tom Petty, from cassette...

mood: mildly perturbed

Mechanism! The music project

proceeds apace, with obvious glitches

from Hane's boom=box. [circa 1980]

Hey, kids--don't try this at home.^

{i schtill believe magnetic tape is

gonna live=out this InterWeb...}

Would i could say the same about my

paintings...i'm on a minor sabbatical

from the artsy endeavours, but i will

try to posit a scary picture for the

Halloween. [50% promise] ART!

maybe~~Century City^^

ooops~the media player just

switched 2 the Beatles without my

encouragement; but it's a welcome

ghost. Yep, the 'putre functions as

an excellent personal juke=box.

[read deep my Halloween 2003]

WHICH is to say: Nothing has one to

do with anothre Unless YOU have

already bot the candy 4 the urchins

and have time 2 watch both the Werld

Series & the Lunar Eclipse. Advise me

of both as i schtumble along.

{here's the twist: Imagine the Sox pull

this thing off under the total darkness of

Diana---a sweep would be a fantastic

prediction of Mine, at this late date

And over=more, i would have to follow

the ball=base evermore.} SWAK!

My colours are bleeding! One line to

the next...On the coming Tuesday

Every=one will have to do something

special. Climb out of your complacent

bed & VOTE. [reiteratus: if you don't go

to the polls, you can't kvetch.]

AND there won't be anothre lunar eclipse

until *gasp* Hillary and Colin face off

against the Libertarians. Do not mark my

werds~i have a time=machine. Plus+,

i reside in a swing state but i don't

Swing. moon me over as i try to catch

up 2 the unlimited possibilities^

*with a cloudy nature i reside only upon

this page^ ...slac...

Thus^ i am only slightly cursed

of Prescience. Crud~there's anothre

werd i have to look up in the big

dictionary. *leaf*leaf*leaf*

Friday, October 28, 2005...i have entertained the

full contingent of TRICK or TREATERS. Eighty percent

(80%) of the pocket chocolates are Gone. That means

i bot the right amount. More than that, i had anothre

grand time participating in this devilish thrownback

festival. And from the mouths of Innocents, check out

these pearls of wisdom:

"I don't CARE how much Candy i get; i'm gonna have

FUN." "This house isn't scary at all." [parent:]"Here's

a very nice unscary looking man who we can Visit."

But my favourite was a little man who said THANK

YOU first & 'Trick or treat' after. I predict he'll run

for President some day. OR at least the State


Don't ferget 2 set yer clox back...

Me? i don't post on Sundays when

i have been DANCING so hard at the

Wedding of my neighbor. Veritas


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karynetaylor said...

we ran out of candy. I think cuz I tend to give 1/2-handfuls, Greg gives 1 or 2 pieces. I got REAL tired of going to answer the door and finding teenagers not even in costume... but I quietly gave them candy, scared of the recriminations should I have done what I REALLY wanted to do! Its such a small thing to be petty about candy distribution. SO by the time, each time, I climbed back up the 1/2 flight, I had let it go.

~ Karyn


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