Sunday, September 11, 2005


Friday, September 09, 2005...

TITLE: A cornucopia of conundra

MOOD: mildly cheerful yet concerned

WEATHRE: astoundingly faer

MUSIC: humming & whistling when i

werk in Administration--a vast catalog of

derifatif Pop & Classical tunes

NATIONAL NEWS: It's nothing near

Normal down on the Coast...But the

residents are not suffering as much as

when there were NO federal/state agencies

to ameliorate the Conditions which prevail.

Id est, the Humanitarian aid is approaching

a good middle, may=haps. LOCAL NEWS:

The PENNSY legislators [betwixt Sessions]

are running in place & pedaling backwise to

put cover on their most recent Failures of

leadership, resolutely. Reminds me of a badly

orchestrated CLOWN circus without any

scripted or coherent plot or action. You'd

think that persons who would dare to Raid

the Till under the guise of professionalism

would, at least, Begin to act like elected

statesmen & women. OH well~if one really

does get the Representation one "pays" for,

i'd rather get a simple Tax rebate from the

bunch of them. (You could carry this model

to the Top of the rusty chain...) SLUSH!

- - - - - -Novembre-is-soon- - - - - -

THE BUG REPORT: see abof^...there are

the many Crickets & Grass=Hoppers as well

as flagrant Moths. Must schtill be a good

Growing Season for our insect Adherents!

Fruit, Black & Green Flies are holding their

own against an apparent Decline in Roaches.

MOSQUITOES continue to suck. Obviously,

bacteria [not true bugs, really] have enjoyed

a Resurgence in the South=Land. Take care

as you travel, not to upset the fragile systems

of the more Northerly States & Venues.

Regard the Much & Act in perfect faith;

Strike not the Hand offered in friendship as

the Day progresses. We are Joined and Well

Met. All togethre in the same soggy boat.

~slac~ Saturday, September 10, 2005...

Trux & Trailers--we couldn't get anothre

schtick on! The Parish residents have taken

advantage of the good Weathre to Trim,

Trim, Trim. And they brot it all to=day.

Plus the occasionally misapplied items. But

such a byooteefull day to direct such traffic.

Opened early, stayed late. OH! And Susan

brang me a spice=cake. Yum. Such a nice

group of customers i have all=to. Truly.

Also~i aided some travellers in finding

their Way to their destinations. {i am the

Man of both Methods & Means} Sunday, i

will do the puxxle perfect and Rest lightly

toward the next week's well as PRAY

for good things to happen on the Coast. Will

that i would & Would that i do. ~Thus~

Bob Denver? HE was My 'little buddy' too.



sunflowerkat321 said...

Faer?  YES!!!  But also bone dry.

My heron friends have lost their fishing hole.

Join me in a rain dance???

cneinhorn said...

Greetings Slac  :-)


gdireneoe said...

Breath deep through the mouth...ahhhhh...out through the nose...smell that fresh nearly autumn air.  Nothing crispy yet...just tranquil. ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata my girls>>> Dry for Herons, yet not Autumnal enuf
for me. I wanted so much 2 be Political...but i find my=self
Breathing the In & Out as a Weatherman. OR a genealogist.
Never Mind~it's a Mitzvah. *smoooches* ~Author~


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