Wednesday, November 9, 2005


By the time you read this, you should

have already voted in the most important

municipal election since the last one.

We only get the mayors we select, here

in AMERICA. [there are no inconsequential

elexns; there are only lazy Constituents.]

PLUS+, in a certain sense, the Supreme

Court of the United States is comprised

of individuals who once had to run for

LOCAL positions. Think about it. *hmm*

On anothre topic alltogethre: i rescued an

article from the Washington Post which

explored the Use of Glows/blogs as therapy.

That was a very interesting article^

WAIT! My girlfriends Judith and Pamela

were quoted @ length. The Slack has rarely

brusht this close to Inter=Web fame! And

not 4 a lack of taking certain bronzes in

periodic categorical Contests. *humility*

Irregardless~my girls post the Good and

that alone 'Happies my Heart.' Veritas

- - -^pro=log^- - -

Title: dark wet leaves...

Mood: drippy OR sappy

Noise: Rachael Ray

Thot: "So what if your encyclopædia is

40 years out=of=date? 80% of the info is

correct & the other 20% you already know

from experience." 11/09/2005...

Or so i told my customer Carl when he

brang a box of reference boox 2 the Yard.

Alright, i didn't actually say that^ but i

thot it...and in my universe, Cogitation &

Expression share equal footing. Descartes!

With the visible algebra yet. Use/Mention.



sunflowerkat321 said...

I saw that Washington Post article too in our humble local paper.  What a surprise!!!

karynetaylor said...

I had seen that article somewhere, too. I guess blogging is getting a lot of attention. When all of us are sitting around rubbing our carpal-tunnel shriveled hands, we can reminisce about how we were on that bandwagon when everyone else jumped on!

and oh the things we DON'T say aloud ... I tend to say them out loud, jokingly. That's sometimes fun, sometimes yields very funny looks!

~ Karyn

slacbacmac said...

Glowing! especial Agreement>> WE are living the loud=out.
{i can scarcely Amember when i didn't sing ROCK songs in the
Grox aisle} Thereyago & thus it is. Advance of this, b'fully...


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