Friday, September 30, 2005


Monday, September 26, 2005...

Of the fambly news, i am caught the up.

mirabile dictu! Groper & Jay=Jay are

sharing an apartment! It must truly be

a new Century and Epoch for sure. I can

scarcely remembre them sharing anything

as striplings! Meanwhile, Capsizer & Annie

Bananie are within swearing distance of

each other to the Left of the Beltway.

Don't scare the many horses on the Farms

in=between with weekly visits! NEIGH...

Cat & the Engineer are back from their

tertiary honey=moon to Maizy's cozy

cottage [altho~They had good sense to Rent

their own.] It's difficult to reconnect Romantic

Wise with four (4) cats under=foot. MEOW...

{It is the Advancement of Anniversaries and

Attainments thru this Generation^} For my

Part, i am evolved some=where between a

vole [4 furtifness] and an elefant [4 memory].

Picture one of those Albino japanese monkeys

clambering over Schnowy outcrops of rock to

soak in a Schteaming hot=spring. If only i had a

noise to go with that image. SSS?AAAH?!


MOOD: connected

TITLE: Nary a Drip...

WEATHRE: bright & sunny, again

THOT: "I was moving so fast, i mailed a late

birfday card before i even paid for it."

FUNCTION: trustee/fixer/launderer

SOOP: adding the onions & tomatoes...

The Legacy for my Nephew is on its way. And

none too soon from what i hear from Kay. The

green=ghost required attention from Tim;

for repairing a line leak quickly, i am indebted

to him. I recycled seven hard=covre books at

the City place...with only like six hundred (600)

more, i am scant on my pace. I warshed them

old crochèted cloths; my ham hock & beans

are producing much froth. Schtill~all the VERSE

aside, i have to takethree (3) bags of crud to

the Yard, Amorro. Such a good life to have!

Connected @ all the interstices resolute...

^Tuesday, 27 September, 2005^

Wednesday, 28 September, 2005...So, i

schtepped outta the slack shack to mind

the Yard and i lean in the windo to tune from

Terry Gross to my good friend Phil who hosts

a little radidio show called WALLEY MUSIC

SCENE...and Holy Crud! He's playing my mini

CD=R on his Program! [ i sent it to him last

week.] At last i can tell people i've been played

on the air=waves in a country othre than

Norway! Namely, college radidio in my own

corner of the werld. I coulda plotzed. And here

i thot this ding=dang dell wasn't gonna be

good for anything...shows to go ya. {For those

Glowers who may have a copy of my music,

it was the instrumental titled "Sedina's Back"}

Never Mind~Phil always plays the good stuff

on his show & for many years now. XLV

every Wednesday. Musical Appreciata 4 sure!

- - -theBroad=Cast-slac- - -


gdireneoe said...

MUSIC?  You write, philosophize, AND do music?  Could you add some here so we can all partake? ;)  C.

slacbacmac said...

i ring Celeste! [secret: i am regarded of my music---yet i am
dopplic of Posting such ditties] WAIT! There are my Paints & Potes
as well...and Humility. chekyalata, o dulcit One. ~Author~

karynetaylor said...

yea well there's so much going on here and I'm not sure what it is but I was able to understand some of it.

MUCH 2 WORRY ABOUT when I am too fuzzy to comprehend. Me or you? Has it been too long? Has senility set it? Have I not had enough of this iced coffee? When will it end? Do these socks GO with these pants?

Ohhh my head hurts.

~ Karyn

deabvt said...

. {For those

Glowers who may have a copy of my music,

it was the instrumental titled "Sedina's Back"}

Slac, I had no idea! How do I get to hear!!
Is Sedina a kittie bac in town?  
ckyalata,   {hehehe}


deabvt said...

PS...What a good mood you`re in!!!

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>> it comes & goes...
Kayy: i never Confuse you! It's Narratif, like your Page.
Vince: you'll haf 2 wait 4 a Copy from me, Unless
Flo or Kat burns you One... It's just a thing.

uscga1995 said...

Capsizer still reads........just not as frequently.  Need to post more pictures of Noah!!!!

slacbacmac said...

Agreement O Capsizable One> I have the many fotoes 2
Post & the frequent load=downing to do! Read as often as
possible--it's a Faer Page. seeyasoon, ~AUTHOR~


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