Monday, August 29, 2005


"For it was Mary, Mary...

plain as any name could be"

--Yankee Doodle Dandy


Many are confused by the

Immaculate Conception and

the Virgin Birth. These are

not interchangeable! The

latter refers to the deific

circumstances under which

J, the Saviour was delivered

to a 'Maiden who had not

known Man.' The Greeks call

this parthenogenesis. Of which

there are many examples in

Nature. Spontaneous concept!


Immaculate Conception refers

to the condition of Mary's own

Rising in the werld; She was

birthed & bourne without the

Sins of Adam & Eve. Which

must have been troublesome to

her Hebrew parents. It was G

who made her the perfect vessel

for Emanuel, the Hope of their

Nation. (There is some argument

whether Jesus was also born

without sins...coming perfectly

from G OR sharing the faults of

the first Adam. Theologians are

vaguely distributed in many

directions.) I hope this jibes with

the Baltimore catechism.


Irregardless of that^, WHAT do

you call a naturally born 'Mary'?

May? Mare? Mairy, like a Faery?

Emm & Maired, we are Amazed?

Maisy, like a Daisy...Mazy Or

Mazie, like it puxxles us to speak

the Name?? Ma or Mom, as

matriarchal to our Fetid faults?

OR, better yet~MAY, like the month

which Wakens the Wintre werld!

Such fervent Flowres accrue to

such a maternal Nomenclature^

mmm~a natural taste of Mother.

- - - - - -enuf of that^- - - -

And what of Catharine, the

doctor of the Cherch? It is spelled

so many Ways! K or C? A or E?

Y or I? With or without silent E?

To say nothing of diminuition!

Kay, Kit, Cat, Katie, Cathy/Kathy,

Cath, 'Trinny, 'Rinnie...& so on.

Monday, August 29, 2005...

Susan, one of my customers,

is acutely Aware of my Actions.

She brot me a folder from

Rutgers about veggies available

for picking in New Jersey.

circa 1979! She is obviously also

doing a haus=cleaning. Such

things 2 have lying around for

many years! Anothre cuddie

told me a tale of a fambly that

went thru a Widow's dwelling

and found 3,000 dollars...some

of it under the mattress. They

would have patronised a rich

junk=man if they had left it

all to him. To sort & sift, i mean.

Fortunately, my folks either had

treasure in Heaven, or in the

Bank(s). More=over, they had

a natural tendency to give out

Valuable objects to those persons

who held an interest in them.

Which still holds true, i suppose.

Legacies! They are watchful but

not Wanting! OR some=such.

Now~can someone lend me a

Moog Synthesizer, so i can

compose a proper REQUIEM for

Bob? --justifiableSlac--


plittle said...

I've never understood the necessity for the Immaculate Conception to have occurred. As I understand it, the argument was that The Son Of God could not have been born of a 'vessel' that was tainted by sin. And yet, Jesus clearly tells us, "with God, all things are possible." Matthew 19:26 Yeah, he was talking about something else, but if anything sounds like a 'blanket' statement, that does...

slacbacmac said...

And Thus~the Mystery of their Joined Aspect!
It pondres me as much as the Theologians.
Yet, it is a Mitzvah that Avatars arise @ all!

floralilia said...

12 years of Catholic schooling and I'm just learning this now!?  I thot the puxxle pieces were interchangeable.  I must not have been paying attention.


thanx for the dateup slac.

i have so much to ketchup on.  here and there.

slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, flo, Babe> i didn't MEAN to be Educational,
but Any=Thing can happen in Glow=Land! ~Author~

slacbacmac said...

[Late Addendum 4 concerned Vistiories:]
GO to the sites offering Help to the Victims of
KATRINA in the Gulf Coast---they have been
very hard hit.   ~Author~

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