Saturday, December 17, 2005


Title: Standing By 4 Good News

Your Xmas reposit from the Slac>>

>mit alteraxns:

Mood: Apprehensif AND hope=ful

Music: Boogie Nights @ the Grox=schtore

Weathre: Icy night=over, only Rainy to=day

Condition: disemployed yet well regarded...

Menu: the end of Chicken soop

Observatus: "unexpected &

wonderful things Happen all the

year round; but it's on the Holidays

that we Notice their significance.

It's a neurokinetic alignment."


Fambly news~[edited>]

We are collectively Praying...

Conjoin Our hospitality/holiday!

[anecdote deleted>]

Bob Cratchit said as much in that story:

"TIM did not mind that people stared at him

for being a cripple...He said that it was good

they should remember on such a day, Who it

was who made the lame to walk And the blind

to see..." --Apologia^ Charles Dickens

Regardless of all^, i will Praise the

Spirit which allows the werld's redeeming and Rain

prayers of Hope & Light on All who join

this bright Season as it arrives. More=so=much on

the Doctors & Nurses attending their Charges~~

They will Love everyone

to their best ability.

Pray/Pray: Peace On Earth, GoodWill

toward Us~~sentimentalslac^



gdireneoe said...

A big ol freakin hug for (((((sentimentalslac))))).  Merry Christmas hon'! ;)  C.

sunflowerkat321 said...

As always....your observation is on target. Why is it so easy to turn a blind eye to the simple beauty in life?

Enjoy the holidays......


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata>>on the Holidays 4 sure...i do love ALL my girls
as they bounce. Twas Ever Thus [and i'm not Trolling for even
more Comments] Happy Happy Bright New Season! ~author~


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