Monday, November 21, 2005


November 20, 2005....epipause...AND speaking

of BIRDS, i am too bright currently to acquire an

eleven (11) pound Gobbler for a singular person!

Perhaps--i will schtuff a chicken instead. And

mourn the absence of Maternal kvetching.

Pertinence: Is there still a fleegling blinking AD

@ the Top of this page? Becos~in schpite of their

good intentions, my MASTERS might could be

contributing to my latent epilepsy/catalepsy...

That would be a very bad thing. All=Togethre.

{the up=rethink of such an occurence is that

Slack would post less, fall behind the more of

spurious e=mails & search resolutely for a better

provider of Content. Just saying^} *wink*

I can tell that the Holiday=Season is upon us by

the movies playing on cable channels; THEY have

ten (10) months to program the Especial films, yet

we don't see them until after the latest election.

[When did James Bond become a Holiday staple?]

Something is awry in HOLLYWOOD yuletide!

Title: *fade*

Mood: cool & drippy

Anagram: yuletide=dilutely

Musik: AC/DC, Back in Black

Movie: Girl Shy, 1924, Harold Lloyd

Thot: "if you Read the Deep, or the Archives, the

Banner advertisement disappears. Scant consolaxn."

Text: Monday, November 21, 2005...OOPs~i have

also run out of coloured ink for my Printer. I'm not one

of those persons who print anything & everything

coming off the pooter. {it's a secondary Recycling rule

not to generate paper only to shred it later} Besides,

this Page has more than enuf colour for evybody!

Meanwhile & else: my Parish neighbor and customer

Morrie tells me that his wife, Shirley is winding down

her schtay @ the nursing home. She is on COMFORT

CARE from the Alzheimer's and fading fast; they had

fifty=seven (57) good years togethre. Not counting the

past two, when "Early Shirley" began to fade from our

Collectif existence into her forgetting werld. G Bless

her on her journey back to perfect memorableness in

Paradisic Elysium! A stern bunch of my Paregoric

Angels is forming a gantlet for yet anothre cool gal...

As for the larger contingent of misguided abductors,

bridal bombers and assorted political prevaricators:

CUT THE CRAP! The rest of us are tired of your

shenanigans already as We try to renovate this

planet/space=ship. There's no more time to waste on

mopping up your fleegling messes. Get a Shunky.



sunflowerkat321 said...

A lot of loss this year my friend.  We have many angels watching over us.


slacbacmac said...

Appreciata, Flowre=Sun...and WE are earning our Wings
as well! Blessings & Happy T=Day; Empathy & Courage

floralilia said...

Happy Thanksgiving oh Slacmeister who wastes not!  Hope your stuffed chicken doesn't know he's a chicken - ya know, on the one day - he might have gotten a reprieve and all...

deabvt said...

mourn the absence of Maternal kvetching...Aww, slac.

slacbacmac said...

more abof^^^ on such Matters, holiday=wise ~Author~


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