Tuesday, August 31, 2004


title: Amalgamatus

music: Bruce Hornsby

mood: fair

thot: "man! these discs

are small compared to

vinyl and open reels."


Perhaps there are too many

'cats' in the werld. As in,

all the girls i know named

Cathy, Kathy, Catherine,

Katherine, Catharine...

etcetera. Even my special

bus=driver has that name!

[She pickt me up in the

yester pour=down & was

only slightly delayed by the

cloud=burst.] OR maybe,

there should be more of



Coverage! The Olympix were

all the good; now~yet anothre

political convention And the

U.S. OPEN. Guess which one

i'll be following the more of.

{there is a tendency in my

Nature 2 prefer watching young

Russian women serving Aces

than 2 hear long speeches by

the Bush fambly} Dial the dial,

there will be balloons all=to.

It is popularly believed that

this is the end of Summer...

Truth could not be more distant!

WE have many days of sun &

harvesting to attend to before

Septembre turns cool & wet.

It is as much as i have just

said. Fair & milder^


Tuesday, 31 August, 2004

Meanwhile & today, the West

end of town is full of police.

I know this becos there was

an incident outside the Grox

store this afternoon. Just as

i was toting my bags out the

door, even. Extreme subduxn

of a lift=shopper, i believe...

HE was in public distress of

probly being pepper-sprayed

And still had some gall in guts

to resist his captors.

{If OR When i am snatched in

such a position, i might, i hope

go limp as a clam} Bless my

prayers that the poor man

comes 2 a good middle.

For me, i proceeded off that

parking lot without gawking,

much. PLUS+ i am far too

busy keeping Hane in the red

juices. I tote, therefor, i go.


Where the Lisa Loring was

i? Hane is schleeping thru an

old movie; Blade has had his

Wisdom all pulled out. My

girlfriends are re=aligning

their line=on priorities in face

of Reality. Catch the catch,

we'll get there. My ride is

not so wild~OR, if it is,

well~it is @ least brief...


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mae120866 said...

Is it fair time?  who's there? and are you groovin' to melodies?  I have since got the return of the SlacCD and have learnt to press play!  there'll be dancin' in the playroom, if not the streets.


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