Friday, August 6, 2004

Title: regrouping


Friday, 06 August, 2004


Mood: relieved


Thot: "Now, i can relax a

little; or can i?"


The weathre is delightful

for rip, rooting & ruining

that patch of land i refer to

as my yard. Altho~the bees

and bugs and birds do not

appreciate me getting

schtarted so late. They give

me dirty looks as i tear apart

their eco=system with the

electric tools i have borroed.

{More=over, i can now walk

to my vegetable garden and

gather comestibles...}

Cool & delicious! I am

werking to beat the next

rain=storm. And creating

plenty of bags of greenery

which i can haul to werk.

[or put @ the curb]

Startle me Especial: We

have just lost Rick James.

I haven't even posted my

tribute 2 Eugene Roche.

Not to mention that great

French fotografer...

YES~the good die young.

Would that none of us were

travelling inexorably to the

same blinking fate!

The pressure, she is off.

IT also amazes & changes

me that i spent a week on

the PentaJernal Page

without being bumpt or

shunned! Of gourse, i kept

it clean & slightly readable.

Thereyago^ {i can relax now

and return 2 my true nature.}

Appreciata all Visitories!

I hear there's an Election

going on---it flips Nor grinds

me not. There are many days

between To=day & October.

Over=more, i have fellow

bloggeurs to entertain around

the middle of August.

The slac is not obtuse; he

writes only 2 the day.

AND werks like a macly mule.

[visit my busy=babes...]



karynwiththewhy said...

I'm #777, not sure what that means.

                       ~ Karyn

merelyp said...

Wow!  782 visitors in a week!  Is that amazing and wonderful?  I think that it is.  I hate that I was internetless and witless this past week whilst you were glowing daily, and when I locate my wits and can get my digital pictures from the Emerald City-- they will be forthcoming in my journal.  I did not know I was visiting Oz!
(I did know I was the wicked witch of the midwest, though)
Meanwhile, I count 11 days until the 2nd grand confluence!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Treat your ecosystem gently...I found a little life in mine as I hacked at the excess.
Like Mumsy - I'm axiously awaiting the upcoming confluence.  But watch for me in the crowds. (or the clouds)

slacbacmac said...

OH! The pressure! The Anticipation!
{my counter is meaningless until you add
like's just a counter.}
More on the lazy sun=day^

kathleenggoode said...

Just visiting, there seems to be a need to switch codes around here.  Perhaps if I pop in more, I may learn the lingo. Be kind to the garden and the garden will be kind to you (I hope). I just thought of the corn that Johnny Depp grew in the movie The Secret Window. Ewwwww... Take care.


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