Wednesday, August 11, 2004


The oxygenator, she is whispre quiet.

It is almost unnerving. I am so used

to a window=rattling machine stuck

in the guest room. Wheezing and

heaving like the little old lady who

depends on the fresh air. One day i

will become accustomed to both, or

neither. {By which time, i'll probly

need my own super=quiet Robot}

The soop is as good as it gets and

it's only a week old. There are no

secrets to the Recipe; you buy one

of those plastic bags full of fifteen

different beans and follow the

directions. Especially the soaking

of the beans overnight and the

acquisition of a real ham hock.

The soop can be created pareve but

i don't remember doing it that way.

[since i have a good number of hot

peppers, my next project will be to

create some Big=ass, Bad=ass billy

chili...preferably with hot or sweet

sausage.] Meanwhile, the garden

has been good for providing items

to my werk=a=day salads. Now if

only i could get the hang of growing

my own Lettuce! Speaking of

obituaries (and who was?), i can

scarcely believe that we lost both

Red Adair & Fay Wray. It's a case

of barely remembering to mourn

because you may have already thot of

them as gone. Hane does this all the

time with Celebrities; she puts them

in the ground before their time on

account of she hasn't heard of them

doing anything Recently. And it's

more than a profoundly excitable

argument to prove to her that many

wonderful former stars still breathe.

Television [and old movies] don't

help the Matriarch much...Fred Rogers

still has his brilliant program; the

Frugal Gourmet does not. Julia Child

appears now & again, but Hane is

convinced that Dan Aykroyd killed her

by way of a nearly forgotten Saturday

Night Live sketch. {"Save The Liver!"}

I am not being morbid nor offering

special criticism of Public Television~

some people are truly passed on and

many others entertain in Branson or

Las Vegas. [WE old people should

either travel more OR visit the many

web=sites which publish mortuarial

Truth] Enuf of that! There are real

people risking their lives & sacred

honour in Middle Asia. There is a

genuine complacency which settles in

when some=one lives in the freest nation

on Earth. And there you have^

Let G protect this favoured Republic

with representatif Democracy....

Hope on Hope.


Thot: "it's only back=wise if you also

notice the TEXT is down=side up."


Noise: ball=base until Star Trek



Mood: i am editorialistic


TITLE: This & That


sunflowerkat321 said...

Your soop can be pareve if you skip the meat...but with a ham's not even kosher!  Try a smoked turkey leg.
5 1/2 days!

uscga1995 said...

Cellphones.  Beepers.  Mrs. Kerry.  Rose thorns.  N-synch.  Acordians.  Paper cuts.  Tofu.  Alarm clocks.  Traffic jams.  Mark Gerragos.  Terrorists.  SPAM.  Geraldine Ferraro.  France.  O'doul's.  Gigli.  Sugar substitutes.  Trial attorneys.  New York Times.  Need I say more..........ugh!
Consistently Capsizing!

haikulike said...

BillyChilli sounds delish! E-Bay?

kathleenggoode said...

I used to be scared of cooking beans, but the ones in a bag are quite easy.  I never understood the concept of soaking but I do it anyway, throw out the ones that float on top and the occassional rock. I think you are pushing it, five are braver than I am.

slacbacmac said...

I didn't know N'Sync played Accordians!
The soop---she is just beginning 2 have
'character' but she will be gone soon.


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