Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Title: well=met, part II


mood: cheery


Point of Explanation:

The HamFam is a diner in

these parts; HamFam is

short for Hamilton Family...

it isn't really named after the

Hamiltons. It's named after

the street it's on.


The day was hot & sunny but

comfortable. The parking was

tight because they're adding on

to the HamFam @ this moment.

Sunflowerkat was the first to

find me; Floralilia was not far

behind. Mumsy/Dancer was a

bit late because she decided to

get a better look at the town.

[If you ever travel here, be

prepared to find roads that lead

nowhere & signs that don't mean

what they say. It's how we trap

visitors & turn them into long

time residents.] Lunch!

Flo had the stuffed pepper.

Kat & Mumsy each had the

broccoli & cheese omelet.

I had the chicken breast sand=

wich with fries. Dessert!

Mumsy had rice pudding;

Flo had tapioca. I had the

corn chowder~albeit as a

precursor, not dessert per se.

(Logic slip, that^)

Then, we droned on & on about

camp & kids & catholic school.

And about a hundred other

funny things. Some of which

will no doubt find their way into

print. The waitress & the busboy

were nice and efficient...

{Advertising copy: "No finer

diner then the dam hamfam,

ma'am!" OR maybe in iambic



I am suddenly reminded of the

Pink Floyd song that ends,"How

can you have any pudding if you

don't eat your meat?!" Is that

how it goes?


We walked around the lake...

more a duck=pond actually And

sat togethre on the banks of the

creek for fotografs. Sunflower

had the good camera & set up

the shots~she has the eye for it.

Beauty & beauty, i bet they're

good shots. Then we trundled

back to the searing green=ghost

for car=pix. That is, my car had

a good time @ the Confluence

as well~altho she was hotter

than hot 2 lean against. Don't

do thisat home! Shoot your

auto when it's cold & dark OR

shady & moving.


Enduring impressions:

>Mumsy is still a wild woman.

>Flo is off=the=hook funny.

>Sunflower is just as pretty

and perky as her Glow.

>I am a fairly good tourguide

once you find the place i try

to get you to.


Pictures! As they arrife!

Meetings! Fun & werthwhile!

Hyperbole! Anyone can do it.




kathleenggoode said...

I just saw you guys over at Kat's place.  Sounds and looks like it was fun. Yes the car can get hot!

deabvt said...

Great Painting....What a great time you`ll had!

sunflowerkat321 said...

Still basking in smiley feelings from Confluence II.  I love you all!  Excellent advice that I hope all in j-land will take...Anyone CAN do it!  

merelyp said...

hyperbole= hah!  
It was another event close to my cyberheart-- oh, yeah, and my real one too!  No, Slac--nature is wild; mumsy was just put amuck in it!

thanks for a great place to be late to! Remember Flo's credo:  'we will not stop til all the diners in Allentown have been visited!'

there'll be a book, then the movie... then the pultizer, I'd say.

smoochez, of gourse!

merelyp said...

the painting--so true to life! It is precious!

slacbacmac said...

{the Centre of the Universe is variably...certain
diners on the East Coast}  I know I'm still smiling.
Appreciata all=to!  SO~bounce already

karynetaylor said...

Well, you can just paint me SPEECHLESS with envy!!

           (leaning on the green ghost, of course)

But how many people have gone on the Route 66 tour with you?

           I will always hold that trip so dear in my heart....

                                 Yours truly,

                                   ~ Karyn

floralilia said...

still smiling confluencial smiles -  i was honored that the green ghost made the official appearance - and so made the confluence all the more perfect.  what fun we all had, eh?

the meeting of friends, and of minds, over corn chowder and puddings....some people don't know what they are missing...

slacbacmac said...

Agreement all=to>>
WE will post more & bettre on
the morro~~still processing
Especialness of Confluence2
smoochy smiles ~Author

slowmotionlife said...

For some reason, I'm finding it more interesting to learn what everyone chose for their lunch and dessert than I have been to see photos or hear about the meeting itself.  LOL  Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I order sweet potatoes for my dessert at restaurants that offer it as a side item.  What can I say - I like sweet potatoes!  And they're sweet, right?  They have sugar?  It's not like I'm ordering corn chowder or something.  ::wink::  OK.  I just wanted to pop in and say congrats on meeting such wonderful friends!  AoL-J has been such a blessing to so many of us.  :)


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