Wednesday, August 4, 2004


Title: glowing twilight


My Mood is gracious.


Noise: Airco & Jeopardy


Thot: "i could Bounce myself

silly Visiting all my friends and

compatriots...but my fame is

fading and they already know

who i am."


With profound humility i pass

this torch to the next five especial

Penta=glowers. It marvelled me

how much my new Visitories enjoyed

the slack=werld; better yet, my

regular Readers forcefully encouraged

me to ride the beast, or ghost, or

spirit~~to improve by increments

Some=thing i was already doing!

AND such a good week & month to be

thus honoured, met & Begun^

[i had nearly forgot how nice it was

to read & write on the front page of

Awol~~i mean AOL.] Did i mention my

humility and Tertiary compliments to

the Editors? Fade the fade, it's a good



Confluences! Flags! Floats...and

party participation i can barely suss

out on this inter=web. And except for

Yesterday, i am somewhat behind on

the poetry; but i hear there's a really

good poster slowly making the rounds.

{I can tell it's the middle of the party

becos my special ladies are all the

busy covering & creating their date=ups}

Twas newly thus.

OF me, myself i add: The werk is

weathre=dependent, mild & mere;

the green=ghost is running well on gas

and good intentions. {She, like many

others, believes my brief fame is an

afrodesiac to natural conditions}

MY garden is a mess but i'm getting

to it~~my ham=hock soop is just

delicious altho less than Kosher.

I can feel my entry fading to the

light & language of coming days...

THEY [the next 5 Penta=Glowers]

will eclipse me @ length and @

large~~i will celebrate them and

Visit them tomorro>>


Take Heart! Glow bright! We have

come 2 a good middle. Imagine what

especial dremes & posits will arrife!

i smooch you all until the Confluence.

[OH, yeah~~and send me schtuff by

e=mail cos i'm dopplic.]

Read me & exceed me, post me &

Toast me, fave me but don't rave me,

chekme but don't elekme...and all

that^ the marginal slack


karynwiththewhy said...

what the HELL are you talking about???

louf48 said...

We have wondered the same for a looooong time!

slacbacmac said...

And thereyago^
i make an entry like THIS once in awhile
just to Confuse my Loyal readers...
Who knows when i will next be 3 of 5
on the jernal page.   ~AUTHOR


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