Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Title: the wild werld


Mood: astounded


Music: U2, Joshua Tree


Thot: "you are not so much

having a mid=life crisis, as a

mid=crisis life."



i just got an IMP from Kayy that

some=body is going ape=sheet

with a gun around the environs

where her daughter werks. And

like a protectif mother she wants

to drop everything and go help.

OF which i advised her to hang

tough & let the authorities do the

werk they are trained for. THEY

only call it an emergency when

you aren't directly involved...And

when the responders do what they

do best---Respond. God bless them

and we pray for a good result of

such crasiness.


CROSSES & NAILS! There are

multitudinous troubles and problems

on this Venue; minor and major,

short and long=term...YET, the best

of us travel thru them And arrife out

better on the brighter day. WE have

each other; that is also Anniverseral.

And if you relish bad news and

calamity...well, the newspaper still

comes everyday. With puzzles and

comics no less.


Where was i? OH, Yeah, blogs &

glows~relax, people. It's just a thing.

You can change the crasy werld with

it if you choose. {Look @ me: i am

wildly read.} OR, you can turn back

the Tide of Troubles with beauty,

simplicity and sublime Honesty.

Not 2 mention pretty pictures.

Humanity will not become less ugly

or Unpredictable becos of a Glow;

but, it is a schtart.


Twas ever Thus! Anothre confluence!

Merely days away~~at that junction or

juncture, WE will solve the wild ills

which confront us. IT is a mild and

brief concatenation for our partaking.

It is our luck & lucidity to have such

a meeting. I smell secondary and

especial Revolution~oh, Wait! That's

the Shunky. [Hane got a new & quieter

Oxygenator today.]


Tomorro i may learn 2 write in regular

English. BUT: until such a difficult

true prospect, i would bounce you to

my regulars. This is not a coded

message^ the hard=hoping slack



karynetaylor said...

Whew. It turned out OK. Turns out a deputy was fired upon while serving a routine warrant for felony fraud (the warrant serving should have been routine, the crime, felony fraud, not so routine ...) and he was met with gunshot, over 22 shots were fired between him and the "suspect". By the time I got home and got the 6 PM news on, the "suspect" was dead under a tarp alongside his driveway, and the deputy, who had been shot 4 times, had been airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital, expected to survive.

Lindsey said all the customers coming up to Bruster's speculating and gossiping about the situation as it was taking place (someone even said it was a foiled bacnk robbery, another report had 4 people dead at the scene), there were police cars zooming about and helicopters hovering... not to mention the one that landed to do the air lift ... so it was quite a scene! Teen made it home safe, and only the bad guy is dead. A good day, all in all. Thanks for your calming IMPing!!!  



sunflowerkat321 said...

The glow won't make humanity less ugly...but it lets us carve out a haven for ourselves.  Maybe someday they'll all come 'round and see that glowing can make the world a better place.  I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore.

sunflowerkat321 said...

Awaiting the confluence with much excitement.  I'll be ready to capture the event to share with all.

haikulike said...

I am excited on so many levels.  We cannot brag about this confluence so much this second coming, however...ckays will get sad.  What's the deal with Slack and all the boo-ful womenz?  Some got it, huh?  Pets, animals, and crasy, boo'ful women.  (Kat, I know I haven't met you yet, but, you'll turn out at least one of the above, I'm pert sure.) Y'all know Flosie isn't back until Saturday and must get royal beauty sleep throughout Monday after shifts and stuff.  We mayn't jangle her 'til the Tuesday.  She has enterprising news unrelated to Star Trek.

deabvt said...



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