Friday, September 3, 2004


title: Carnival

mood: freaky


Free speech? During

an Election year?

Never mind...


Last night, we were

thirteen @ dinner; it

was a combined party

of birthdays for Cat's

mom & dad. One of

them turns 80 tomorro.

I was one of the elected

fotografers. [a regular

electric camera, not one

of those overly complex

digital jobbers] We all

had a very nice time...

even tho Toni & Todd

could not make it.

{Todd was in agony after

some adjustments 2 his

metal implants; Toni had

to fetch him painkillers.}

Good food, good friends.


Friday, September 03, 2004

Today, i walkt thru the fair

and stopped to play piano

@ the keyboard joint inside

Ag Hall. Yep~despite my

lagging chops, i can still play

a fair set of 88s. [muscular

memory^] Weighted Action!

Effulvent Sales=men! Music!

Onward & outward past the

pigs & cows, i invested time

and money in a hair=cut.

{Two styles i have: long &

unruly, short & controlled}

The stylists were quite the

busy today---a combinaxn of

Friday afternoon and Back to

School clippings. Still, Erika

cut the good by me all=to.


National News~Hurricane

Frances [who some=how follos

Gaston?] is a big schtory.

Russian girls advance in the

US Open while Russian soldiers

try to liberate a school house in

Ossetian Beslan. These people

are not advancing any Cause

by threatening schoolchildren.

They should cut the crap or go

directly to Hell. Probly both.

{Do not all religions & politics

revere children?} Mr. Clinton

will have something 2 say about

it after his heart procedure.


Here in Glow=land, Dancer is

about 2 have an especial party

on Labour Day with nine cats,

one husband & two fellow

Glowers...on the lake~How cool

is that?! I have Monday off yet

i can't quite make it to that

grand confluence. Advise of

the Advise: the rest of us will

float cloud=like in haiku form

above the Yard & Dock^

Fair weathre for all sails, i am

only the Captain of this Page.

Who needs Cucumbers? I've

got eight or so...



sunflowerkat321 said...

So...they're selling pianos just down from the pig stalls.  Nothin' like the fair!  We have not been yet...perhaps this weekend.  I was wishing to be at Mumsy's confluence as well.  Feel like a road trip????

slacbacmac said...

Especial Sun=Flower:
i'll ride with anybody~yet, Mumsy has
had so many confluxes--We should hang
tight & 'hold the fort' until she fills us in.
{Less=the=never, we will visit her Lake!}
Post all the good fair=pix!

haikulike said...

Aww, you two, maybe we should stop meeting in this clandestine place beneath Slac's haircuts and fair pig stalls and pianos for sale.  You will be in the clouds, Slac, and that will be your new natural name, as kat is now Sun and the Dancer is now Rain.
it is a perplexity that nicknames float above my lake!  I suppose Flora will have to be Lightning, since Amy is Vanilla flavored Thunder.

So, the committee for AND5 Conflux now is:
Wind, Sun, Rain, Thunder, Cloud-- shall we get Lightning in on it?  And what shall BabyMae be called, naturally?  Snow?

Captain Wide, you have just been named Conflux Committee Chairbeing.

I'll be thinking of you drinking rummy punch from my silver poetry bowl!

ondinemonet said...

Hi Mack :)

This is still one of my favorite places to come for the eclectic value and awesome originality of it's artist owner...the one and only YOU! :)

Always, Carly :)

emfeasel said...



slacbacmac said...

All the Hugs bac ((())) from slac>
& smooches 2 Visitories

thelovetrain said...


Just looking at your 'Recent Entries' list and saw the 'title' of this one.

With the 'Heavenly One' as my witness, I started an AOL Music Video journal the other day and started to name it 'XPosition'...

Rat'em 1-10 ~> XXXXXXXXXX

... Then I went with the name, 'Drift' instead.

Nothing in it yet and it's 'private' until I dude it up some... More pressing matters to attend to now though.

It's a TRaiN=SLaC<~>slAc=trAIn>>>THING!



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