Monday, August 2, 2004


Theme: kindling the good fires


Mood: mesmerized


Idea: "it was that kind of day

from the very start---every

natural condition was slightly

bent toward Assistance."



My time is the short and my

message is brief. Yet, i would

not have it any othre way.

I took my morning constitutional

and met a bearded man who had

locked himself out of his house.

I directed him to the best &

nearest pay=fone... Wendy at the

gas=station was effusif & talkatif

with all the Customers, one of

which had spent the night in his

garage on account of a BAT in his

house! And he was a curious person

in spite of that. I dodged the cars

on the way home & told myself,

"To=day is going to be an interesting

day." Hane was the short on bread &

ice cream, and i swore on everything

merciful that i would provide her

mild needs as i travelled thru my

seemingly simple werk=day. Thus

begun, i took my reliable chariot to

the YARD. And, except for the fact

that my roll=off buddy arrived late

for collecting bins because of a

flat tire, my day was neither strange

nor unusual. {Regard, therefor, the

ordinary things on fact that they

pre=dispose better Adventures.}

I drove the green=ghost to the grox

store & nearly fulfilled my Mission,

when a fantastically beautiful

brunette asked me,"where do they

keep the gallons of spring=water in

this store?" Amazement! We were

both standing right there. I slid

off with commentary: "Now, all

i have to do is find the ice=cream."

Later, as i left the parking lot

roundly, i noticed that she had

needed the water to slake her

Volkswagen. TO what end?

I departed slowly & seeing that

she had found a better boy=scout

to attend her Predicament.

Then, i drove home, and here i am.

A vague filosofer caught up in the

Day which posited me... full of

bread & ice cream, pondering the

mysteries of the universe which

made me travel on such a distinct

course. {a dozen questions here.}

My soup will rise, my glow shall

pass out of the PentaPantheon,

the torches & fires i will put out!

And still not understand exactly

what it was that Occured this day!

Mirabile dictu.

Advise! Advise of thus it was...

i am perplext of it^



cneinhorn said...

Heyyyyyyyyyy! Congrats on being on
Editors Picks list!  Whoohoo!

karynwiththewhy said...

brunette? in distress? the best kind ...


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