Sunday, August 29, 2004


Sunday after=noon with



Which leaves...


THAT~ this is possible:

Glowers meet

on a regular basis.


{Natural Estriving...}


To dream the dream:

Motion for motion's sake.


OH, Well. We will

get there. Eventually.


It [English] was

my especial milieu aside

from Recess.


AND other

things else of which i

can't ponder.


There^ you have,

a collexion of disjointed

thots. Potery, perhaps.


Sunflower droppt by

yesterday with a bunch

of discs & I was glad to

see her. [She left her

trademark sun=hat in

the van.] Check her Glow

for impressions of the

slack=shack... OR all her

good pictures! Dancer

is cracking the whip @

school on her especial

forensicateurs by now

after such a grand tour

of many Glowers. [she

barely misst one of them

in the foggy NorWest.]

I am jel that she also saw

Dylan & Willie in concert!

{i attended a Nelson fambly

concert in the 80s...and so

recommend it 2 anyone}

Floralilia is so busy with

life that her tiara has a glean

of summer tarnish~Never

Mind, her knights & squires

will heretofor & forthwith

polish it by hand unto its

deserved Glory! Nuggets!


"And me? Well, i went on

to become the most beloved

character in Western folklore."

~Jack Elam, Support Your

Local Sheriff

Sunday, August 29, 2004...




sunflowerkat321 said...

Glad to see my photos here Slac.  Will you be artifying (word stolen from another glow) them as you did the green ghost?  Twas fun to drop by the slac shack.  Maybe we'll see you at the fair.

haikulike said...

Don't you just love that praying mantis?  I think he should be a character in a new novel.  (as opposed to a novel novel or an old novel?)  I am whip-cracking and trying so hard to catch up on evvythang.  .  . even anniversary haiku project is in stop-frame, instead of "instant replay".  Mumsy guilty of amnesia or amnio-something.  I didn't know about the strolling picture!  What fun!  And I am so glad to see that you captured my buck-tooth look with the remote clicker: so glamourous I can be.  This is a good shot by the babbling brook though-- we had some serious giggles.  Tonight is play-on-werds night.  Tomorrow: words on plays.
Willie and Bob were just groovy as sin.  Tonight after BabyMae, Matt, BeauBernie & Michael left, we watched a biography of Dylan and a special on Nelson.  Kinda hooked.  I spoke of you in Saturday Six.  You should scavenge for it.
Miss you, BF!
~~the Dancer

deabvt said...


floralilia said...

i need to hire a co-wife and co-mother, if i am to ketch-up on all of this -

"reality is an illusion - albeit a persistant one~  a. einstein"

you are my brilliant bf, as always -

mae120866 said...

but he was mine first.  look whose name tops his list, heh heh.
~~the Dancer


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