Saturday, August 21, 2004


Oh! Mortal sin!

Today was not only

the greyest day at the

yard, but also those

Wedding Anniversaries

of Maisie & Lou, J&J

[parents of Wyatt].

Fambly forgif!

{August steals up like

a set of cats @ the

neighbors' haus...} OR,

as the goof observes:

"You are too busy with

your line=on GFs."

In lieu of lame excuses,

i offer a Kodiak of them^

{Anniversaries of all kinds

will eventually cut into

my life=real} YET,

apparently long marriages

are a good thing...and my

Fambly posits the many

good Examples.


Soon & For=ever^^


deabvt said...

and a hansom fambly it is.

merelyp said...

It is a handsome and loving fambly, one can see clearly (when one enlarges)-- and I know many do not.
sorry for delay in effusing here-- some time spent with the BabyMae, BeauBernie, HubbyJoe('gourse), and Matt + the Speech Confluence in upper state Illinois.  Tomorrow the schooling starts.
I smell burning leaves, though they are against the rules.


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