Thursday, August 12, 2004

i was having a conversation with myself the

othre day and there was a fierce argument

about what the capsizer likes and dislikes.

Pretty embarrassing for me because i was

shopping in the ware=hard store at the time.

OH! Wait~that was a dreme! OR maybe

something i remember from reading the

fenceman...darn this amnesia^


i was bouncing on the interweb when Hane

discovered that she was out of cheese---

And not just any cheese, but her like all

time always especial favourite Cheddar.

Curse my lack of foresight regarding the

acquisition of this particular item~Thank

the gods that the farmers' market is open

again tomorrow for the rectification of

such a blatant deficit. There's a Monty

Python sketch in there and poignant

commentary towards the presiding Ad-

ministration. For which i will only

remember the incumbency upon myself

to procure the cheese and leave the rest

for larger minds. More attentif persons?

Haben du duzzensouch? Ausenbotty?


Much good news: Toni & Todd are

recovered enuf to plan a party...the

Engineer is once again @ werk in the

Deep South. Near the Capsizer and his

fambly. Rocky had a little bump with a

pick=up truk~but for one so young i am

thankful, as an Uncle, that her first

accident was especially minor in its

Totality. [i have ruined more than a car

and a half in my brief drifing history.]

ALL the Grands of all them are breathing

well into future days/ OR, in anothre way

of saying: nothing notably bad appears on

the horizon for our grey=haired friends.

{Day by Day, the song goes} Apprise of

the Apprise becos 1 catastrophe can

throw evything out of whack^

Wait! This is the good news and i am

partly responsible for it.

Recycle i must & force out the dumps of

the Shunky. Hurricanes are coming around,

named of Bonnie Charley>>aren't they both

feminine names? It pondres me and i will

have 2 be advised of their travels---hunker

down for the duration. {it's rare that two

hurricanes strike in one week} Courage!



mood: advise of such^


Signation: "Operate on the Assumption that

revelation is Impossible; then, perhaps, you

may have Amazing dremes."


louf48 said...

uh huh.....................?

deabvt said...

AMAZING IS RIGHT!! Loved your bkward pic! You are doing amasing wk !
More Impt.   Toni & Todd....Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any soup left?
This is one of the few glows that i read, save, go back, finally ready to comment!

slacbacmac said...

I'll take that> as partial agreement.
A pretty good stab @ CONTENT on an
ordinary day^   ~Author

uscga1995 said...

Empty roll of toilet paper. Hamburger grease splatter. Brrring.  Brrring.  Nobel Peace Prize.  Olympic stardom.  Greta Van Sustererereerereren.  Cardinals.  Chocolate chips.  Pregnant meteorologists.  Carpet deodorant?  Green cars.  Green upholstery?  It's not about likes and dislikes.  It's about random thoughts.

Randomly capsizing.  I think Teresa Heinz Ketchup Kerry is "spirited".  

ondinemonet said...

Hello Slack :) LARGE SMILE :)

Nice to see you had dropped's always more pleasant when you are a foot.

Always, Carly :)

louf48 said...

<worried about effects of this blog on uscga95!!!

karynetaylor said...

I really thought Charley should have been named Clyde, especially when it looked like they might worked together for a bit to wreak havoc. Looks like Charley was no match for any Clyde, Buster.

~ K


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