Sunday, August 8, 2004


Title: Revisited


Sunday, August 08, 2004


Mood: echoic


Thot: "you call that déja-vu?"


The weathre is delightful

for rip, rooting & ruining...

It's not so much a garden as

a tangle of unrelated plants.

AND insects of multiple variety.

Three large cucumbres!

Eighteen cherry tomatoes!

And the hot pepper plant

produces in the midst of wild

Ivies. The more i pull schtuff,

the more crud i find to get rid

of. Werking on it^

Startle me Especial: Hane

is watching all the base=ball.

She woke up in the middle of

my three stooges and pondered

whether she could watch the

EWTN Mass...of gourse Not,

I am rarely & barely awake with

so much soop in my belly to let

the Matriarch interrupt my

perfect doing of the Puxxle.

Time passes~the green=ghost

takes me around here & there.

AND then i rip around the

garden/tangle 2 make some bags

of yard crud for werk tomorro>

The pressure, she is off.

fasic reality alteration...

This ball=base goes on 4ever^

Mumsy is back from her

West=wise Adventure & IMPs

me about felines & filosofy.

Flo, the queen, is beginning

her vacance. {If this be

Sunday, imagine the bounces}

Anniversaries concatenate!

If *you* have read thus=far,

it would be apparent or simple

that this entry is parallel to

the last>> it's a Sunday

experiment. I am not editorial

by nature~just a brief Glower.

Tomorro, maybe more...

AND, perhaps, less derivatif!

{comment freely}


wildflower121764 said...

Hi Slack, your entries always make me smile, brief or otherwise. I always find them enlightening and inspiring. Speaking of inspiration...I couldn't help but mention you. :)

haikulike said...

I had intended to check on your progress with the puxxle.  
Yes, the anniversaries, they are going round and round.
My garden got weeded and planted with--so appropriate:


and black-eyed susans

and 'gourse, the more shasta daisies.

We will do raindances.

I'm thinking our IM is a publishable dramatic dialogue.  Yet no one should speak it but ourselves, trippingly off the tongue.

deabvt said...

slac, sounds like the soup was a big hit! [ can`t get my mind off the bean soup!}

slacbacmac said...

{The FAME, she is schlopping over!}
Like soop, no less.  AS for using IMPs &
Entries & way=ward comments:
GO FOR IT~i ain't proud>>

uscga1995 said...

UCONN Huskies. Ripe tomatoes. Ice cold lemonade. Quiet mufflers. Comfortable shoes. Ronald Reagan. 330 thread count sheets. Soothing alarm clocks. Freedom. Smell of chlorine in the morning. Red, white & blue.

slacbacmac said...

The Capsizer writes potery!
[watch out~the Engineer is close to you]


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